Why doesn't the door latch?

The symptom: The bedroom door does not latch and there is a diagonal crack in the wall.

The problem: The concrete blocks are oriented the wrong way and crushed under the beam weight. (The mold and rotten beam is another issue)

doors here that stick are generally improperly installed within wood (stick) framed openings…

Needs a car jack to beef it up.

If you are trying to determine the possible cause for this door to be out of square within the door jamb there is a couple things I would verify first.

  1. First off what side of the door is this beam located? It’s obvious the beam is sagging somewhat, where in conjunction is it with the door. The door jamb hinge side appears lower causing a larger gap at lintel on door knob side of jamb, thus causing striker bolt not to latch. If the beam in question and closest joist is closer to the hinge side of the door that would probably explain the cracking in wall and door out of square.
  2. Also check the leveling on the flooring and door jamb to help determine if this was caused by installer error, foundation or both.

Of course to correct this problem would require additional support to beam and like Joe mentioned a jack system would work, just be carefully not to over extent to square out door and as Joseph mentioned part of the problem could be installer error.

Are those 2x4 floor joists? Mold? This home has problems.

Yeah, a car jack should fix the problem. :shock:

Technically it probably could, but I personally was referring to a foundation jack like so.


· Major Concern: The column that support the beam is made up of concrete block that have been installed on their sides. Concrete blocks must be installed upright (with their hollow channels vertical) in order to offer adequate support. Horizontally stacked concrete blocks risk collapse under heavy loads. It is also unlikely that proper footings were employed. The concrete blocks should be replaced with properly sized piers on engineered footings. We recommend you consult a structural engineer or a qualified contractor experienced in structural repairs to further evaluate this condition and provide repair recommendations.

I would say that replacing the 4 panel hollow core door with a 6 panel hollow core door added the stress that cracked the concrete block. :roll:

Cool pics Randy.

The block is just the tip of the iceberg there… But I’m sure that shovel-spread pile 'o crete easily meets R403, right?

If there is an “Easy Button” on the front door of the home, just press it and maybe the foundation, pier and framing will fix itself.

Or… maybe the “Home Warranty Will take care of it after you move in:smiley:

Was the salamander in the photo your client?:stuck_out_tongue:


Yes…the salamander was there. To be honest I did not see it when I took the picture, only after I got back and downloaded the pictures. I should have added a disclaimer “no wildlife were harmed during the inspection of this house.”