Why don't that cat come home?


Expired in the crawlspace.

Dragged our tabby out from under the front porch when he began to smell. Mom called me years back to get their dog (dead) from under the deck before Dad came home. I got all the dirty crawlspace jobs! My brothers are next to worthless.


We are like emergency room doctors, never know what the day will bring.

Looks Egyptian, mummified.


Animals, such as cats and dogs, will “wander” off when the time is near. Natural instinct and I too, have been on search parties. Hopefully the owner now knows, or others know the cause of the stank…


I agree with Thomas…had to go find our old cat a couple of months ago. you would think that they would just lay down in their favorite, comfortable spot and expire but she as we expected crawled under a bush out front.
Now on a totally unrelated note… As compared to humans in the way we handle it. This is a quote made by my daughter a few days ago, who works at a medical office… (And I just made into a meme for her)…

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To this day, the hardest thing I’ve ever had to do in my life. Had to put our beloved cat down. To see the life go out of her eyes in her final moments, something I’ll never forget.

I have experienced death of friends and family, but it just wasn’t the same.