Why has everyone left OAHI?

271 RHIs + 114 associates + 4 applicants (who apparently didn’t get the memo, LOL!) = 389 members total.


OAHI suffered a humiliating 44% drop in renewals.

Most likely in the ranks of students who made up the lions share of members.

I swear to God; ACHI had everything to do with it!! :smiley: :smiley:

I was just reading that one of the students at OAHI is not getting anywhere fast with his upgrade. Seems there is no one home to assist him.

This is nothing new for OAHI they treat the members with contempt while taking their monies gleefully with the other hand. Then they wonder why the renewals are dismal. Duh.

They think their SH** don’t smell and they can walk on water

folks finally got it … it does and they can’t


All dictatorships fail sooner or later and the failure is usually catastrophic.

UH OH…So what does that say about NACHI?

It says that a membership-driven organization can grow to be the undisputed, biggest and best inspection association in the world… and InterNACHI is your proof.