Why hire you!!

With a lot of threads on cheap inspectors, low ballers,

I wanted to post a poll on what you think separates you from your competition and why you should be hired.

What do you tell client on the phone when they ask How much is an inspection??

  1. I only schedule one complete home inspection per day and thus have the time needed to do a good job without rushing.
  2. I am one of if not the only inspector in my area who has 30 years residential construction experience to back up my formal education. This gives me a perspective that most other inspectors lack.
  3. I work for the client and the client only.

Updated tools to do the Job
Time needed to do each inspection
Being available at all times after the inspection for questions

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Hey you too Jae. I was to shy to add that to my list lol

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Free six pack of craft beer with every inspection. (8’)

Work close with every client and explain the property conditions as I go.
Not only good for the client but serves as a great way for me to clarify and enforce my narrative dialog in the report.
“Just got off the phone explaining that to a future client”.

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Mr Bowers, Why Should We Hire You Instead of the Other Guys??

  1. I’m cheap, really cheap - Save $$$$
  2. I’m quick, If I’m not done in under 1 hour the inspection is free (only up to 4,000 sf - after that I require 1.5 hrs)
  3. I’m not real picky so you won’t piss-off the Agent and Seller
  4. I compliment you alot on the view, yard, etc SO you feel really good
  5. I Bill to close FREE so no upfront money out of your pocket
  6. My report is only 5 pages long SO you won’t be up all nite reading

When do youse wanyta book it …

Too funny Dan :slight_smile:

Dan, that is too funny…but to be honest I know for a fact there are some “inspectors” that go by those rules…sad but true…:roll:

James & Darin -

What do you mean by funny. I thought we were offering marketing tips to new guys

I know of at least 5 RE agents that tour houses and list some areas/items of a house that are good, and some that “may need repair”, all for free during RE tours on Tuesdays. They leave their “reports” on the table for prospective buyers to see. Here in Kansas, RE’s are exempt from home inspection laws.

Why pay for an inspection, when a used home commissioned sales person from the same office as your own RE agent, can do it for free? That, is real sad.