Why home inspectors don't give estimates

Why home inspectors don’t give estimates

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This is very old news, Bubba.

While you have been out trying to save the world from the President of the United States, there have been several hundred posts on about three different threads discussing this matter in tremendous detail.

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Cold -16 F at the moment.

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I find it very interesting that many of the Realtor comments to this Boston.com post keep saying that GCs and other tradespeople are better than home inspectors for checking out a house.

In Illinois, GCs are, specifically, prohibited from doing home inspections unless they are also licensed HIS. Same for Architects and PEs and SEs. Gotta be a home inspector if there is more than one system inspected.

Not to mention that most of the defects we discover, are directly caused by the so called tradesmen and GC’s.

For realtors, GCs are better.

“Looks like you got a problem with your ______, but it ain’t no big deal. I can have it fixed by tomorrow for about $XXX.”

Compare that to: “Wet staining present on basement drywall ceiling. Possible plumbing issue that could not be observed without removing drywall. Recommend that a qualified contractor be hired to repair or replace plumbing, as necessary.”

My report leaves it to the client to initially guess as to the possible cost as well as locating his own plumber. I think that, for convenience alone, many realtors love these guys.

I think it will be up to us to alert the public as to the dangers of using contractors to do home inspections. Florida is about to allow all licensed contractors to be “grandfathered” into the home inspection business. Once they are in, they will offer free home inspections as the means to get the inside lead on making the repairs.

This is becoming a real problem in some areas as the construction work continues to be on hold.

So Florida will soon have 35,000 home inspectors competing for business. At least the weather is nice.

Yep. Try competing with “free home inspections”. Talk about “lowballers”.

I hope these guys pushing for licensing all these years in Florida remember to thank Jerry Peck and Hoopy as they search the want ads.

This is what all RE agencies want; to put us out of business, so they can hire their contractor friends, so deals will go through. In Kansas, most all contractors, engineers, insurance agents, modular home salesmen, and RE’s themselves are all exempt from home inspection laws.

Home inspectors in Kansas will soon be out of business. Laws, weather, economy, all rough here. I have never seen it this bad. Contractors are, and will, be doing anything to get business.

Yep, just like your newest bestest buddy Jeff, sometimes ya find yourself not simply picking your friends, but their nose too. :wink: