Why I again disagree with Nick and will PROVE him wrong


Apparently I have the record for the inspecting the highest priced house in SW Florida. Think that is bragging? Well your right it is. Every single person in my company works very hard and we are proud of our accomplishements and this being the pinacle.

I don’t have a brochure, my website brings in about 2% of my business and I have no “marketing” guru or person. With that said, I have 10 marketing people and they are the people who work for me and they market every day with the job they perform on a daily basis.

No brochure is going to work, no logo really matters, kissing Realtors butts isn’t goping to work in the long run. There is one, and I mean only ONE true and long term success to marketing and that is providing a quality job and being a professional at all times.

Concentrate on quality, let your work be better than your competition and it is amazing how people will market for you. I had a guy today tell me he got 3 new clients for me. Imagine that, people marketing for you.

Once again, this is where Nick and I disagree. You have to perform exceptional service and it takes time for people to start singing your praises and using THEIR word of mouth to market your business. So you have to have some capital until it all comes together. It is a struggle at first and my proof that this works is right here on this message board, James Braun, Jeff Pope, Charley B, Dale Duffy, and the list goes on and on…these people are successful for one reason and ONE reason only, their work speaks for itself and they don’t have to use snake oil to get work.

Concentrate on quality…money comes…


“Snake oil”? Yeah right. Quality had nothing to do with InterNACHI’s outrageous success? You really think InterNACHI did it with snake oil? LOL. :roll: Dream on.

Man are you always out to lunch. Do not confuse a service industry with your organization. So if NACHI is all that you say it is, charge $3000 a year and see how many sign up. You have something of value at what the $350 a year you charge. Is it a value at $3000 a year? Some may say yes, but not too many.

Remember about 6 months ago when you “accidentally” sent out an email stating that people are “required” to complete their educational requirements? LMAO…about 3/4 told you to kiss their arse and go pound salt, then all of a sudden the “requirements” went away.

You win. Today I’m finally going to publicly confess… it’s all snake oil. Smoke and mirrors.

All of InterNACHI’s success programs are fake. The 1,200 government approvals for our courses are all forged documents. I’m pretty good at counterfeiting them huh? The courses never really existed at all. And none of the links on our membership benefits page are actually live. Those links have always been dead and I got away with it because no member ever thought to click on any of them.

I’m glad to finally get this confession off my chest and I’m very sorry I tricked so many inspectors in so many countries into wasting their money for so many years.

Russell is right, you are all so dumb that you got suckered. It was all smoke and mirrors. No quality… just snake oil.

Now you know.


See I never said what YOU have is smoke and mirrors and snake oil. Where did I state that? I said INSPECTORS do not have to use snake oil. READ man…dont assume what is meant, READ what is there.

I have said numerous times NACHI is great at what it does. Stick with what you do best and keep doing it.

Once again you strive and seek people who are under funded and under qualified, that is what NACHI seeks. You want as many people into the industry reguardless of funds or education. It all about numbers.

Give us your example of snake oil being used in our industry.


You walked right into that one, Nick!

Depending on your view…any of the organizations could be considered snake oil.

Do you VERIFY that the members are doing their required work (COURSES) to maintain their membership? You then call them “certified” when the only thing certified is their check. I know, I know…its up to the individual…blah blah blah…I heard it all before.

IAQ2 could be considered snake oil…its a “qualification” without every really having to “qualify”.

Nick, don’t get me wrong (as you usually do). NACHI is an outstanding organization and I am a member of it and keep paying my dues year after year. Well worth that money.

But what your trying to sell the inspector is not what is actually factual. Hell, when was the last time you ran an inspection company? I bet you would be great at it, if you did it again. Why is that? YOU HAVE CAPITAL!

Why don’t we just ask how many of the successful inspectors have brochures. I know I once heard Dale Duffy saying he barely has a website. All of his referals are from past clients. I think maybe Jeff Pope is the same way. I know James Braun gets a ton of work from performing better than his peers, hell I hired him on a job!

Its about doing a quality job each and every time. I will give you 1000 of the best brochures written by the best writer and he might get a few jobs and if he sucks…no repeat business. So those brochures are not worth the paper they are written on.

90% are filled with lies and 1/2 truths. This inspection company has 47 years of experience…what the hell does that mean? People see through BS. But you know what many don’t see through, a good look in the eye, a firm handshake, a great job, an awesome report and professional follow up. Now thats marketing at its finest…say it with me Nick…Q U A L I T Y…

Good commentaries.

Regardless, without this forum I wouldn’t be where I am today…

P.S.: I don’t use brochures, never have.

You’re right. Nothing InterNACHI offers including all our robust inspection courses helps our members help their clients.

Consumers would be better served by inspectors who have no access to free education.

In fact, the 370 courses being administered to 370 members tonight, most of whom are voluntarily learning new things and improving their skills right now, as we make these posts… won’t help anyone ever.

It’s all snake oil.


Does this sound familiar?

Here is my overall industry report card:

Service: B+
Fee structure: C
Marketing: F

So is it marketing that is failing or education?

The way I see it, your fee structure has EVERYTHING to do with quality. To say the rates have to be raised across the board is BS…I have seen some of the reports and some rates should be dropped!

You cannot blanket statement stuff. I know making statements like that makes people love you and adore you. But that is not the case. Prices are what one can get based on their services and the quality of those services.

Service is a B+? Where the hell did that come from? Please give me the winning lottery numbers because apparently you can see all of your members service. Go look at the sample reports out there and get back with me.

Marketing is BASED on service. It is IMPOSSIBLE to give great service and have no marketing. The service markets for you!

Hey those grades you gave are awesome but did it come with a piece of corn or a peanut, because you apparently pulled them out of your arse.

My view of marketing is not yours… and certainly not “snake oil.” Nothing sadder than a technically proficient inspector who goes out of business because he/she can’t… or worse, *won’t *market.

In a fishbowl industry, like ours, **marketing is an accelerator **(that might be a good or bad thing):

  • If you provide lousy service… marketing will speed up your demise, so don’t do any.
  • If you provide great service… marketing will help more of your fellow citizens learn of and avail themselves of your good works.

The direction you are going (up or down) is not up to InterNACHI and doesn’t depend on marketing… it is up to you. Marketing simply gets you where you were going anyway… it just gets you there a whole lot faster.

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