Why I can't vote for Dems


Thanks Joe,

My favorite line from Victor David Hansen as to why the USA has become unhinged is:

“A media that makes Cindy Sheehan, Valerie Plame, Mark Foley’s email, or lies about flushed Korans in Guantanamo into headline stories is itself nearly lunatic.”

Better watch those political jokes Mr. Ferry…you too can become hated someday…I have already felt the wrath…:slight_smile:

[FONT=Arial]Screw it! Let’s fight wars. I don’t have kids for target practice; it’s all the same to me. Or do you think I’ll change my mind when I get my own?[/FONT]
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War is a remedy that our enemies choose. Have chosen. In Iraq, President Bush bent over backwards to get Hussein to comply with the UN Resolution. He chose not to. He chose unwisely. He chose war.

If our enemies think for a minute that we are unwilling to go to war to enforce our foreign policy, we might as well surrender.

No Surrender! No retreat!