Why I do not offer refunds on my IR class

I use to offer refunds on my IR class but I had person after
person who heard about buying low priced cameras from me and
getting a free InterNACHI membership (or discounts on renewal
fees) come to me for these benefits and end up wanting a
refund after they took the benefits.

I don’t sell cameras but find and negotiate good deals for my
students. I also found a couple guys to finance the cameras.
Then I worked with InterNACHI to get free membership and
discounts on renewals. All this was for my students and I
make nothing on this package of benefits I gathered together.

The news of these benefits spread fast.

Then people would buy the discounted cameras (I make nothing)
and then they would take the free membership (I make nothing) and
then they would ask for a refund on my IR class (my only profit).
I would end up making nothing.

This happened so many times, I was really getting tired of those
who had figured out how to do it to me. I was staying busy
trying to supply the benefits and at the same time giving out refunds
on my class that it was killing me.

People were downloading the class material (developed by Will
Decker and myself) and then partaking of all the other benefits.
Then they wanted refunds on my class after taking advantage
of everything else. It had to stop.

Now I offer no refunds. I deliver what is promised and that is
all the law requires. No refunds are due. My merchant acct
provider agrees and so does the state of Texas in which I
do business. I feel good about it too. My no refund policy
is laid out very clearly on my website.

Many schools have the same no refund policy as well. But
with me, if someone misses class, then I allow them to come
back later. I try to be patient and help those who can’t stop
things that cause them to miss class sometimes.

But I cannot offer refunds and go through what I did in time
past. It was insane how many used my refund policy to get
all the stuff and then leave me with nothing.

If I buy something that says on the website that there is no
refund, I understand that is their right and I cannot complain.
If they deliver what they promised, there is no grounds for
a refund.

If you don’t want it, don’t buy it.

It just makes sense. I would be like ordering a Home Inspection then after getting the verbal Report, saying to the Inspector. Thanks, but I am no longer interested in the house. You can keep your written Report, I don’t want to pay for it.


I agree

LMAO…why wouldn’t the “benefits” they get go into action after they take the class?

It appears that person never took the class. Did she take advantage of any of the “benefits”?

Like the father said HE WAS A STUDENT and could have just given her the information from his computer, hell she could has sat right next to him and watch the class for free.

I do understand Johns point, but this is a circumstance that was totally different then what he is explaining.

Mr. Gallo did everything legit and more or less paid twice for something he could have cheated and only paid once for. But his morals would not allow him to do that. Well lifes circumstances came up and he asked for a refund.

Did she benefit from ANY of the “FREE” benefits you give? Did she use your vendors to buy a camera cheap? As far as a NACHI membership, anyone who wants to can get that free for at least 6 months, so that is really no benefit.

Let us know the benefits she received and how she took advantage of your kindness and maybe the sentiment will change.


One also now wonders, given the (alledged) extremely high numbers involved in requested refunds… how many actually “attended” John’s class???

John’s sob story stinks. It’s just his attempt at garnering support. His “Woe is me” attitude is pure BS. He lost face, again, and realizes he is on thin ice. I suspect his class enrollment has already dropped significantly, and he is fretting the need to actually return to inspecting houses for a living.

JMHO, and I’m entitled to it.

Jefferey his comments make no sense at all. To me they do not pass the common sense test. “They take advantage of all the benefits” then never take the class and want their money back.

Who gives the benefits away BEFORE receiving the class? That makes absolutely no sense to me at all. I tend to agree with you Jefferey…

I think its Total BS to try and save face. Looks like ignoring the problem did not make it go away, so now lets BS our way through it.

Just to keep

Many want the InterNACHI membership so they can start taking the classes to become INFRARED CERTIFIED. Many want to order a camera before the class starts. Many want to download the material so they can study before class.

That is why so many get the benefits before class starts.

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Huh? Your joking right? This makes as much sense as doing a home inspection and letting them read it and then asking them if they want to pay for it.

I may have to change my opinion based on the following thread, you may just be plain stupid instead of dishonest. Jury still out.

Once again, what benefit did the Mr. Gallo’s daughter take advantage of BEFORE she asked for a refund? Is she a member of NACHI? I mean ANYONE can get this. Did she buy a camera at a discounted rate? Did she download the material (I mean her father had the material anyways).

Which of the benefits did she take advantage of?

I didn’t see where John claimed that she did. He explained he instituted the refund policy because customers BEFORE her did.

I tried offering refunds at one time and got ate up with the flood of abuse.
Now we offer no refunds. We cannot verify every possible reason a person
may give or not give. If they need to take the class at a later time they can.
If they don’t want it, don’t buy it. It is a common practice at many schools.
As long as week keep our promises, then there is no grounds for s refund.
We are within our legal rights.

Most policies are adopted as the result of past experience.

May I suggest a slight change to your policy John. How about this:

“Once we provide you with the information to get a great deal on InterNACHI membership and IR camera, we can’t issue a course refund.”

I think that might solve the problem into the future.

How about a contract signed to ensure the person knows the policies and expectations. Instead of, it’s on my website BS.

Nick … our website already covers those points, but I don’t mind adjusting
it to real like you say.

Our site says the following…

… No cash refunds are offered once you enroll,
because you will be given access to approx. 300
pages of copyrighted class material, InterNACHI
membership and/or member fee discount

**and discounted prices on IR cameras from the IR
sales reps

**We always offer someone to take the class at
another time, if they miss class.
I think our policy is very resonable.

Really? That’s your Refund Policy? That’s a friggin joke! You call yourself a businessman? ANY court of law would laugh in your face.

If I buy a non refundable airline ticket, guess what happens when I try to get a refund if I can’t make the trip?

Some guys here have a cancellation fee once a client books and inspection.

So what?

The great thing about being in business for yourself is we get to decide how to run our business.