Why I joined and enjoy my NACHI membership

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- A Valuable Investment In Your Future

If you earn or supplement your living in the Home Inspection Industry, the benefits of belonging to a trade association which support your industry is well worth your time and dues dollars. If you have been thinking about joining the National Association of Certified Home Inspector's, now is the time to make that investment. If you are already a member, congratulations. Now get involved!

Why I Joined:

The benefits of membership within NACHI vary from services that directly benefit my business to programming that improves the business climate for the Home Inspection Industry. Once anyone realizes the benefits you will receive, you will understand that your dues are not just the payment of a business expense, but rather an investment in your industry. Listed below are some major benefits and services I took advantage of when I became a member.

* Legislative - NACHI's on your side: As a business owner you are only one voice in the dark murky waters of bureaucracy. As a member of NACHI, the strength of the combined memberships speaks loudly. Home Inspection Legislation and Regulation on the local, state, national, and international levels are closely monitored and vigorously supported or opposed as necessary by fellow members and professional staff of NACHI.

*Education - NACHI help's by:

1. Expanding the ability's of your business to offer clients the most knowledgeable services possible.
2. Sponsoring free continuing education programs to help educate their members on the changing demands of the home inspection industry.
3. Providing member's with the means to meet their state's continuing education requirements. NACHI further assists new and established home inspection professionals with the education and testing necessary to fulfill their individual state requirements. All for free.
4. Provides many hours of continuing educational seminars at their annual conventions, and finally
5. NACHI's Education Committee is one of the best in the industry.

*Information - NACHI keeps me informed: NACHI helps me avoid costly mistakes and expenses that result from not being up-to-date on issues affecting the home inspection industry. NACHI provides members with critical information about trends, legislative regulatory developments, and techniques.

* Networking - NACHI helps me meet others: NACHI affords me the opportunities to meet important business contacts and new customers through constant interaction. They provide me with many opportunities to network and do business with other members of the industry. Throughout the year, NACHI sponsors chapter meetings, social events, and educational seminars allowing me to meet and make business contacts with others in the home inspection industry.

Marketing-NACHI can and will Help: As a NACHI member, we are provided numerous opportunities to promote our business. NACHI provides through their Corporate Offices, bulletin board, and general membership volunteers, several different avenues of having our marketing materials reviewed and discussed. NACHI's interactive membership board is an invaluable asset to your business.

And, much, much more! I encourage all to visit NACHI's "about us" page at http://www.nachi.org/about.htm and see for yourself. I further encourage anyone to contact NACHI to discuss the many benefits and advantages of being a NACHI member. It's the best investment I've ever made for my home inspection business. Visit NACHI today and join the ranks of others before you who reap the thousands of dollars of benefits for a mere $289.00.

Thank You NACHI.

John Bowman