Why I love my job....

I went to an inspection today. The seller was gone, but his art work was around the house. I looked at the art work and realized the guy had some very special talent. It is a gift from God…he bless’s us all in one way or another.

After a while the painters sister in law came into the house, she said the owners were out of town and she would be here just to close up. I told he that I admired the paintings…she then showed me a picture of the painter.

photo 5.JPG

A guy 25 years ago who was a world class snow skier and hit a tree and became a quadriplegic…She said many many days he begged God to let him die. He was given a water color set they give to small children and that was the beginning of his new lease on life…the pictures here do the actual paintings no justice.

Now here is a guy who was thrown a curve ball and decided to hit it out of the park…

Another reason why I love my profession.

Sorry pics are sideways…

photo 5.JPG

photo 5.JPG

photo 5.JPG

Inspiring! And another reason to get out of bed everyday and that God for allowing me to serve others well for another day …thanks for the reminder Russ and yes… I LOVE MY JOB!!!

It doesn’t matter what hand you are dealt in life, what matters is how you play it.

Thanks for sharing, Russ.

Even when it included no fingers

Awesome, where can I buy one?

I forgot his name. His Proof went for $800 and his originals go for about $30,000 according to his sister in law…I will get his name for you


Found it on google and one of the pictures I photographed is on that website…

Thanks Russell.

Check this out. http://www.marcusthomasartist.com/_artwork.php

Great for Christmas gifts.

Dang, I sure wish I had that type of perceived skill :slight_smile:
To have folks pay me $30,000 for my art. I can hardly draw a straight line…I have gotten better drawing with my Daughter since she has started drawing. She enjoys Daddy / Daughter art time and I try my best :slight_smile: You all should have seen the crazy guy face I did in crayon last night :slight_smile: I still think her’s was better but I am prejudice towards her work :slight_smile:

Things are always worth what folks are willing to pay for them. That is not debatable. If folks pay him that type of cabbage for his work than that is its worth.

My opinion was he was good but $30,000, not from me on those “no offence intended”. I guess educated art buyers who buy those things know the value much better than I.

I am happy he has something he loves to do and pays him well.

I wish everyone that type of career. I am certain it has taken him a lifetime to get to his skill level. Bravo :slight_smile:

That is very cool.

Why does he paint sideways ? :slight_smile:

Looks like black velvet art from the color tone.