Why is everyone leaving ASHI all of a sudden. Anyone know the scoop?

Yes! He should. The guy selling software is “In house”. If he sucks we shut him off. HUGE DIFFERENCE! When a company throws out thousands of flyer’s to the PUBLIC, well its a totally different story.

The difference being one bad inspector affects how many people?

When a company send outs thousands and thousands of flyer’s saying they have “teamed up” with INACHI to bring you… I think there is a HUGE difference.

You guys think as you wish. I am totally OK with that. I just have decided that I will no longer advertise using the NACHI logos on my site, vehicles or any further written material. When my hard work and effort gets associated with absolute crap people/companies/organizations then what good has my marketing done? NOTHING, it actually HURTS.

So, if you think in your mind one bad inspector is that same as people saying their company has teamed up with INACHI is the same thing. Well then we just see things differently is all.

I am not saying the organization (INACHI) has nothing to offer and its not a good organization. But when people are allow to freely say they are associated with INACHI and mail flyer’s to the public without ANY approval, I get associated with that organization. That may work for you, not me.

There are very few things that I care about less than how a vendor publishes his affilliation with NACHI…but one of the things I care less about is what another inspector decides not to put on his web site.

Russell, why do you believe there is no approval given to these affiliates?

Well, because you said so.

Nick there is one thing I have learned and that is no matter what “Its Nicks World”. You will never ever admit your wrong. You will never see another’s view. That just NACHI life. There is no way around it.

But for me to advertise for your organization, you promote that you are the premier Home Inspection Organization out there and then you let people do as they wish and use the NACHI name in any manner they want to.

When I put your NACHI stuff on my site, not only is it to say I belong to an organization, it also markets to those wanting to get into the profession. I believe this is why you will make a million logo’s before its over with. You want NACHI everywhere at ANY cost. When new people view inspectors in their area, you want them to see NACHI and then join NACHI.

I am NOT saying NACHI is not worth the money. It is BY FAR. I just don’t want the name that took 25 years to build to be connected to organizations that promote our profession in a poor light. You don’t care as long as membership is up. You will do anything to get members and thats the business man in you. And it works for you. I get the business and fees that I get because me service and inspections are top notch. I do not want ANYTHING to compromise that. Your actions in Florida have compromised the professionalism time and again. So do you really care about our PROFESSION, or do you really care about NACHI member numbers? You can’t serve two masters…

Nope. If I had, you’d have copied and pasted my quote here, now wouldn’t you have?

LMAO…do I really have to search for it? Well here it is and its YOUR post from a Florida post named “Disturbing about grandfather” Post #153.

Here is your quote Nick - So they can print stuff without your approval to the general public.

don’t know what “this” is and so can’t prevent it. If you mean the postcard that some vendor mailed out, they didn’t send me one. I’ve haven’t seen it yet and so can’t prevent something that happened without my knowledge in the past. In fact, no one can. Common sense.

Of course they can. It’s not our postcard, we didn’t write it, we didn’t print it, we didn’t send it, and it’s not from us.

Are you under the goofy impression that when a vendor becomes an affiliate of a professional trade association, that the vendor has to get all its correspondence approved by the trade association?

Heck, we don’t even demand that our members (like you) get all their correspondence approved by us first. That’s goofy.

Then goofy it is. As I have said before, its goofy not to get it approved. But its NACHI reputation at stake and the reputation of those affiliated with the organization.

Nick, I think you have me all wrong. I do not ever mean malice upon NACHI, YOU or its members. I actually like it here quite a bit. I just don’t like some of the things that go on as many do. I just don’t sit idle and watch things go by and hurt the industry and MY profession. If you feel you are not hurting INACHI, its members and its image by letting it “affiliates” print anything to the public and then mention its in conjunction with INACHI then you are blind or sadly mistaken.

Do I think statements saying “INACHI and BLAH BLAH BLAH” have teamed up to (then go on from there) should be approved before being sent to the public, YES I DO. Once again, its your world and numbers are your main concern. Once again, cannot serve to masters.

I am an affiliate with the Chamber of Commerce here and I do think that if I printed something saying Comprehensive Building Consultants has teamed up with the Chamber of Commerce to bring you the best Home Inspection in the area. I do think they would not only disapprove, I think they would sue me and make me write a rebuttal. But then again, that is just them.

I am an affiliate with the BBB and cannot say my company has teamed up with the BBB to bring you…

I am an affiliate with the Board of Realtors and cannot say Comprehensive Building Consultants has teamed up with the —Board of Realtors to bring you…

So besides NACHI, I cannot think of another organization that would allow you to do this without approval.

We approved them and approved their use of “teamed up”, but we don’t make them get our approval for everything they mail out to their own customers. That’s none of our business.

Don’t worry, there is a backup system to catch vendors who offer inferior products or lousy service. It’s this message board. The public pressure and power of the message board keeps the vendors honest and keeps them treating our members well. Now if we unduly withhold affiliate approval, we also give up this power that we hold over these vendors, and thus harm members.

Our system works. The vendors get free advertising and free publicity from members who are happy with the vendor… and the members get discounts and the peace of mind of knowing that this huge, industry message board gives them very public recourse if they are unhappy with an industry vendor.

Our system just doesn’t “work”… it works really well.

It works well with internal matters. Not when people publish items that go to the general public. I am living proof of it.

My competitors LAUGH that you teamed up with AAA schools and they send letters/email to Realtors on a consistent basis showing how INACHI has inferior standards and its very easy to become an inspector thanks to the low standards of INACHI. You want people to raise their prices and then promote inexperienced people to harm the general public by performing inspections in a profession they know nothing about. Once again being on both sides of the fence serves YOU well, not the profession and the public view of the profession.

Lets just end it that it will not change. You are the sole emperor of INACHI and thats just the way life is. You will sell your soul to get the numbers you want even at the cost of its members and their reputation. You win…not because you are right, but because you can just take you ball and go home and there is nothing anyone can do about it.

Huh? How could you approve something you, self proclaimed, you knew nothing about?..

I confess that we know very little about vendor affiliates. That’s what the message board is designed to ferret out. But members gain nothing by withholding affiliate approval, that would be irresponsible.

It’s not like I’m tearing apart vendor’s products in our laboratory, running background checks on their owners, hiring a CPA to review their financial statements, etc. No trade association does that. We rely almost solely on member feedback… and isn’t that the way it should be?

Home Inspector Pro was able to earn their fine reputation from the testimony of their users on this message board. Had Home Inspector Pro offered a crappy product and poor service, they’d have earned a different reputation from the testimony of their users on this message board.

Our system brings out the truth, be it good or bad. And our system works.


I am not talking about IN HOUSE. I am talking about people sending stuff to the public saying they have teamed up with NACHI. Thus making you two intertwined. NOT IN HOUSE…TO THE PUBLIC.

If I said Russell Hensel has teamed up with 3D inspection software to bring you ----- and I never asked 3D I think they would not be happy if it did not portray their product in a professional manner and one that was pre-arranged.

The message board cannot help ANYTHING when damage has already been accomplished. When something has been sent out to 1,000,000 people via USPS how in the hell does the message board help?

I suppose it could theoretically happen, but I wouldn’t hold my breath.

Why would an inspection industry vendor waste precious marketing dollars, falsely claiming that they’ve teamed up with InterNACHI on a million piece marketing program to the general public? Makes no sense.

There are enough real issues to worry about, I’m not going worry about improbably hypotheticals.

Back on thread topic. I think we figured it out. ASHI prorates its membership dues so that renewals are all due in January. InterNACHI is getting a good chunk of the mass exodus that is going on over there.

I told them over and over, they need to offer approved education, success programs, and membership benefits. The days of inspection associations sending out fat membership invoices in return for nothing… are long gone.

Robert Humphries is a good example of how the message board stops lousy vendors in there tracks. It didn’t take long for word to spread that the products he offered was crap and his customer service was even worse. Much to Roberts dismay, he left with his tail between his legs…

I quit over a year ago. I joined so that I could speak of issues first hand. There is nothing there…It’s like a Hollywood set with only the building fronts, but behind the cardboard is an empty lot. Nothing.

When I first joined, I had senior ASHI members who thought I was a newby telling me how they would email me some of their inspection reports that I could put my name on and get “certified” to use their logo. Why? Because guys with logos pay for that so-called privilege and pay higher dues, as well.

It’s phony and fake, through and through…particularly when you consider that the majority of those who remain are holding dual membership in NACHI so that they can appear on NACHI sites marketing to potential clients.

I do like their monthly magazine, though.

That is because you were never invited up into the Ivory Tower where all the goodies are kept. :wink:

Ya know, looking down from up there most home inspectors look like ants. :slight_smile: