Why is nachi.org's alexa rating headed on a downward trend?


Trailing 7 days Trailing 1 month Trailing 3 months Trailing 6 months Max
Alexa traffic rank for nachi.org:
Traffic Rank Change 7 day 32,798 +502

1 month 31,410 +5,574

3 month 27,272 +6,799

Percent of global pageviews on nachi.org:
Pageviews Change 7 day 0.00052 -5%

1 month 0.00055 -20%

3 month 0.00069 -33.5%

Percent of global Internet users who visit nachi.org:
Reach Change 7 day 0.00380 -0.3%

1 month 0.00390 -15%

3 month 0.00430 -18%

The percentage of visits to nachi.org that consist of a single pageview:
Bounce % Change 7 day 19.50000 -22%

1 month 21.70000 +7%

3 month 19.80000 -3%

Daily pageviews per user for nachi.org:
Pageviews/User Change 7 day 14.00000 -5%

1 month 14.80000 -6%

3 month 16.20000 -19%

Daily time on site for nachi.org:
Time on Site Change 7 day 21.81500 +5%

1 month 19.28000 -10%

3 month 21.73833 -22%

The percentage of visits to nachi.org that came from a search engine:
Search % Change 7 day 9.60000 -43%

1 month 13.00000 -3%

3 month 13.10000 +10%

Compare nachi.org to:

Fewer home sales, fewer inspectors in business.

Boring Graphs that hold down interest? :slight_smile:

Fewer Full Time inspectors related threads. :look-up:

“Downward” from what? Read the stats you posted:

A bounce rate of only 21%, a worldwide rank of 32K, and a time-on-site of 21 minutes (comparable to YouTube.com).

Compare those stats to other inspection associations and you’ll discover something amazing.

The three month rate of users off Search engines looks good.
These are new people.

The percentage of visits to nachi.org that came from a search engine:
Search % Change 7 day 9.60000 -43% 1 month 13.00000 -3% 3 month 13.10000 +10%
My biggest complaint is that the search for Inspector link shafts me by using zip code as I market to the “city proper” being at a perfect location that allows travel fast to many directions where a Chicagoland Home Inspection might be needed…

The over all rank has gone from 25,000 in June to 27,000 today. It may not be alot but it is a downward trend for the last 5 mos. And i don’t need to compare to other associations i know we blow them out of the water. You think this is just a normal fluctuation ?

I have a site that has gone way up in unique visitors, but my alexa rank has gone way down on that site. Go figure. Perhaps alexa has changed it’s rating system? Does Chris or Dominic know about this issue?

Alexa doesn’t measure traffic. It compares traffic to ALL the other websites in the world. So if the rest of the world spends more time on the internet, your rank goes down (in comparison) and your reach goes down (in comparison), even if your traffic is increasing. Alexa measures rank and reach compared to the rest of the world wide web. It is only useful if you do what Alexa does and compare your rank to your competitors. InterNACHI unfortunately can’t because ASHI.org and NAHI.org get so little traffic that they aren’t ranked in the top 100,000 sites in the world, and so are not ranked by Alexa. According to www.Alexa.com NACHI.org is about the 30,000th most popular site in the world and about the 8,000th most popular site in the U.S.

To see this better, visit www.compete.com

Here is our rank and unique visitors from the past year:

I’m trying to follow the conversation but I keep being taken back to the question “So what?” Can someone explain why NACHI’s Alexa (or any other) rating is important to my business? Is that what the concern is or are people worried about NACHI’s ability to recruit new members? I’m lost.

So what, captures it quite nicely James. :slight_smile:

Jim asks:

Yes, I can, with an example: If you go to www.alexa.com , you will note that they put a special sentence about ASHI.org pointing out ASHI.org’s silly high bounce rate. This means the few people who visit ASHI.org (so few that they are not even in the top 100,000 most popular sites in the world), leave without clicking on anything at ASHI.org. Here is what Alexa.com says about ASHI.org:

NACHI.org, on the other hand, has only a 20% bounce rate. Many more people visit NACHI.org and most of those don’t bounce out. By looking at the high number of unique visitors that come to nachi.org, (see compete.com chart on the right in my post #10) one can conclude that all these unique visitors (about 100,000 a month) can’t possibly be coming from solely the inspection industry (which only generates about 2,000 unique visitors a month). Combine that with nachi.org’s low bounce rate (see post #1) and one can conclude that 80% of these unique visitors (about 80,000 a month) wanted to come here (low bounce rate) because they clicked deeper into www.nachi.org . Where does all this non-inspector (consumer) traffic go to after they find nachi.org (and don’t bounce out)? Answer: To member’s sites via the search tool at the top right of www.nachi.org

See www.nachi.org/inspection-leads.htm

Nick, I understand the part where NACHI is the most popular of all inspection related sites. What I do not understand is how that relates to the number of inspections I perform in Cassville, Missouri, unless this is one of those SEO things that by linking to you it somehow elevates my site in the rankings.

In summary, our home page generates a $#!T load of consumer traffic for member’s sites… and that is important to your inspection business.

Quite the opposite. Linking to InterNACHI doesn’t help your SEO at all. And it doesn’t help InterNACHI’s SEO either. A low traffic site linking to a very high traffic site is a non-event in SEO.

What matters (more than anyone gives us credit for) to your business, is that the most popular (by far) inspection-related website on the planet earth… links to you.

Okay. I got it. Thanks.

You’re welcome.

Does that count on the MB here and can I link to other sites besides the one measly one allowed from NACHI on the http://www.inspectorseek.com since I own more than one?

Linking in your signature helps your site’s SEO when you post in the public boards.