Why is the background color changing in CYA?

I’m copying from an email, to a Word document and then into the CYA section. The portion that I’ve copied and pasted has a different background color (white) from the grey background portion that is original writing in the CYA window. I can’t seem to get rid of the white background so that it matches the rest of the CYA windows. Any suggestions?

I’m using Windows 10.

Kenton, when I copy/paste in Homegauge, I paste the text into Notepad or Wordpad, as they strip out all the formatting prior to copying/pasting the text again into HG.

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Bingo! Thank you Dominic!

If I’m following correctly what you are doing or asking, you should be able to directly past just the Text “without the added formatting” by using this tool

that shows up when you ‘right click’ to paste. This should make it so you can skip copying into notepad first. If you mouse over the “Paste Options” it will show you a preview of what the end result will be.

Sometimes text looks plain but like with the Grey background you are seeing when pasting into the CYA in HG, it is hidden till you go to paste it somewhere. Hope this helps.


That tip is helpful if pasting into Word, but won’t necessarily help if you Cut/Copy from a Word doc and are pasting into HG.
I have pasted seemingly “unformatted” text into HG at times, only to have the font change or typeface change, or some extra space inserted, etc.

I’d like to see the operating system offer that “special paste” option, not just Word.

You can try

self.physics.backgroundColor = .red
UIView.animate(withDuration:0.5) {
self.physics.backgroundColor = .cyan