Why is there water on the floor?

I found this TPR pipe on a furnace yesterday. A typical flip home.
With one major problem and now moisture damage to there newly finished basement.
The last picture is of the dish washer.
This house had some quality work done to it.:roll:





This looks like a Mike Holmes audition :smiley:

Love the dishwasher! That’s an added feature to keep you from overloading it by actually being able to open the door all the way.

Looks like some one tried to test it and it never sealed back due to debris or if it was hot water the problem could have been the expansion tank being water logged.
Hopefully there is room to slide that stove over,or they will be doing some new cabinetry work.

If it’s a furnace, then I don’t believe it is a TPR valve. It could be a condensate drain for the A/C coils. If so, that’s why there is water on the floor. It could be directed to a floor drain if one is nearby.

Yep, that’s a condensate line without a condensate pump. Nice touch! Next problem is getting the water out. Either a drain (as above) or a pump, a plastic line and a hole in the wall.

Yes the pipe was hooked to the condensate discharge. Blah Blah Blah

I just thought it was funny. When you do allot of inspections you get to see things that make you laugh. This is one of em.