Why is this done this way?

Upper breaker, just for the future?

Exactly. That is setup to provide power for a garage or outbuilding. Pretty cool setup for someone who needs a large garage or pole barn or something.

It is a 400 amp rated panel with (2) 200 amp mains.

Here is the vendor page with a datasheet that you can read if you are so inclined.

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At $7,167.00 I think I’d have done it differently. I guess the people at Square D figure that if someone can afford a house that needs a 400A service, they can afford a $7,167.00 service panel.

So legally a company cant sell a product above list price. What you see there is the price they would charge GE to buy their panel. As a contractor I could likely buy that at a 60 to 70% discount. I will ask my distribitor for a price in the AM to see what it is really worth.

$764 at Home Depot!



the bends in the wires between the main breaker and the busbars are to acute. they should be curved

Are you kidding? they come like that from the factory.

Correct Simon. Some years back I visited the Schneider Electric Plant in Monterrey Mexico. There have automatic wire cutting/forming machines that make these formed wires by the 1000’s. They then manually install them and torque to spec.

What were you doing there?

The company I worked for made most of the non-ferrous components for the panels and the breakers. They were looking to redesign some components to speed up the assemble. I went down to assist them in the re-design.


Joe, pretty cool stuff!

Yes indeed!

Yup those are factory conductors, you can bend field installed conductors that way too if you so desire.

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That’s more realistic.

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Yes! :slight_smile:

Thank you all for the help!

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