Why it pays to climb into the attic for A/C inspection

One of the Home Inspections turned out to be a Bank repo and what I found was the Air handler in the attic someone tried to tape the side panels with aluminum tape and it has come lose.

The only concern for the buyer was the out side condenser unit until I told him about the inside unit was pumping attic dust into the home and had very low air flow but he said it was cold. But as I told him the air flow was not up to stander for the air flow. As he said ya ya but it’s cold and that means it’s working right? An I told him No this will be a 3 to 4 Thousand repair cost.

How did you come up with this figure?

**HVAC Systems replacement cost from HVAC rep do to age and condition of the system. I called HVAC sales tec and send some picture plus I am A/C cert.

Not a bad guess only about $3500 off;-):wink:



Why so shocked. Ludwig is CMI.

$4,000 - $3500 = $500

Had no idea they were so cheap.:)…or is that for more tape?

Well see ya learn something everyday when the A-coil has been abused with dirt and lint some of us old guys just remove them and clean/replace instead of just replace:shock::shock:

LMAO…according to the records in Florida he is NOT A CMI and he does not display a NACHI logo as he is required.

DIVINE BS is what it is…

Required by whom?



Charley’s about right on the price…

Having the A-Coil removed, refrig recovered and all put back together will run you 4-600 around here. They will repair small defects on the coil, but won’t repair any defects in pan… period.

I would imagine the OP noted the muted airflow @ registers as the air is being lost at the deficient seal/seam between FAU and Coil… just a guess… whether it’s dirty or scope of work/cost should be left to the guy working on it.

4k is a bit steep… even for a condenser & coil, nvm properly sealing the defect that was noted.

Time your right about muted airflow @ registers.

For the price, from HVAC sales rep he was near by and my client needed a quot for the Bank.

Also it was old unite and it would cost more to run 10 out of 12 months here in Florida then a newer system.

The system will need to be removed threw the side of the Gable Roof end.

Were you doing a home inspection or energy survey

Don’t have to recover the refrigerant from the system to remove the A-coil just needs to be pumped down and retained within the exterior condensing unit saves time and money

According to the code of ethics…aren’t you on that board. Real easy click code of ethics and read the last line…how are those facts?

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You do know that you are not required to post the NACHI logo unless you post another orgs LOGO, right?

I see your point that is a marketing logo…I assumed by its name it was a home inspection organization. I assumed wrong and see your point. But the certified master inspector is a bunch of BS…but that’s the way it goes…