Why NACHI Rocks

To keep this short, I sent an email to five inspectors from this organization asking for advice (at about 8PM central time).

Within an hour I had responses from all five, either by phone or email.

This tells me that:

  • They all have a computer adicition.:mrgreen:
  • They all really do want to help.

Thank you, Will, Will (that’s Decker and Handley), Jay, Jim and RR.

I have a feeling that if I emailed 50 of you, the response rate would be similar.

Looks like I’ll have to renew my membership tomorrow. :wink:

The interNACHI family shines again.

Wow ,I feel left out.:slight_smile:

Yeah the old farts help , if you blow them a few kisses here and there.lol

Mine’s a computer addiction. I would never intentionally try to help anyone. LOL

And our staffers also rock. Often, when they are online at home in the evening, if a member emails us for help, one of our staffers handles it… after hours.

I’ve found the same responsiveness as well Rick. Worth every penny.

And you thank them for us too Nick

Yeah, just a computer addiction and my wife going through menopause :wink:

Seriously. I have taken Rick on ride alongs as I have many others. This is not only because I am a great guy :mrgreen:, but because it also helps me:

  1. Get’s my name out there. Marketing is marketing, whether it is to Realtors, Lawyers, the public or other inspectors. Name recognition is ALWAYS a good thing.
  2. Keeps me on my toes. Many times, I get a call of an e-mail from a newer inspector asking about a problem that I have never run into before. This forces me to check the issue out for myself. I learn, then I teach. Works well for both parties.
  3. When I do ride alongs, it also forces me to be thinking faster, on my feet. It also helps the client. I, usually, when I am doing a ride along, think out loud. I give a running comment on what I am seeing, what I am looking for, what I find and why what I find is wrong or right. I do this to educate the inspector but it also educates the client. Many of my clients have told me that they prefer to have another set of eyes on the house.
  4. A rising tide floats all boats. If I can pass on a sense of professionalism, thoroughness and detail to a new guy, he will (hopefully) do a better inspection and help to elevate the public perception of the industry. Some of the guys I have helped (including one who lives about 2 miles from me) now do, in some cases, even better inspections than I do. Does this give me compitition? Yes! But I NEVER want to become an old complacient inspector. They challange me and I challange them. They also give me a good source of people who I can refer to if I am busy or on vacation. It does for them, as well.
  5. Because I do thermal and consultations, as well, I have had many of the new guys refer me for further evaluation of some specialized problem. Because of my visability and my reputation for helping and being honest, I even get calls from older, established HIs (many of them are ASHI and NAHI members) for these special cases as well.
  6. I also teach state approved CE. These new guys help me to keep aware of the level of knowledge out there. Because of this I don’t have to “dumb down” my courses so much and make my courses more challanging and advanced (and not so boring to the old guys who already know the basics).

I find helping and mentoring and teaching to be a real help to me and my business. I am sure you will too.

Hope this helps;

This is one of the reasons I would like to have a Laptop on the job.There is no place like iNachi for info.