Why NOT to drink on Friday Nights...

1.) You end up buying everyone a ROUND
2.) You wake up the NEXT day wishing you skipped Friday Night ( guess who got the BILL )
3.) Your head may throb like mad ( or stomach hurt from a stupid mistake )…

4.) You tell yourself you will NEVER do it again…atleast until NEXT friday !

Man…the next morning STINKS…head may hurt a little, Wallet is empty and you may not see your friend again for 20 years.

Clarrification : we had a party for a friend of mine who I had not seen in 20 years because he moved out of the US…had not seen him since high school…man…it was a special night…I had a FREE pass to get hmmm…beyond normal CODE recognition I guess…me I actually mixed a beer with a mixed drink in a toast…did not set well with me.

Anyway…amazing when 45 or so of your long lost school friends get together…anyone experienced that before…not really a high school reunion…just a thing the wives set up.

P.S…It does not take much to get me woozy ( is that better for the politically correct ) it appears since my school days…

(cardinal lesson not learned…NEVER drink a BEER after a mixed drink…UGH…lessons we just dont learn when we are young.

How many of YOU have not seen BEST FRIENDS since High School or College?

WE had a small gathering of friends that got together over Christmas. We had a classmate to be killed in a car accident so alot of people came home, and we all got together. Good times. ALways good to remember when. Just wish there wasn’t a loss of life to bring everyone together.

Agree Ben, In my gathering I also found out that a girl friend I had back in high school had died and I never knew, sad it is we have to find out things at situations like this.

Getting together with past friends as we get older are times I look forward too, many I remember when I sat counting the days until I got my drivers license, then the days until I could buy beer…then the days when my car insurance would get lower…man time goes by WAY too fast…

Jeff Hooper and I have each been convicted in the past of a PUI.

Posting under the influence.

Great to get together with old friends.

Last Feb. I met up with some MP buddies that I served with in the late 70’s. It was great. Not too much partying, but lots of shared memories.

MP's on tour.jpg

lol…not really under the influence their Nick, just not my normal style and so many old friends and late night and up at 5AM…just left a bad headache but not all together from any real heavy drinking…plus I am getting over some type of FLU I think…

Was just SO nice to see the guys and gals again from school…I was not the only one GOING bald I might add…

Ahh…Nick…who is Jeff Hooper…?

Friday night is, under Jewish law, Saturday. (The day begins at sundown. "It was evening and morning, the XXX day.)

Does one drink on sabbat? Sure.

Just remember, you have to get up and go to shul the next morning and sing, in Hebrew, with a hangover.

I don’t do it (usually :mrgreen: ). Have to face my Rabbi and do Hagbah (lifting a 45 lb., 180 year old Torah, stiff armed, over my head :shock: ) with a hangover? Not a good idea.

Just my 3 cents. (Take a penny out of petty cash.)

lol…you know I am just picturing you William with a hangover in front of your Rabbi…the image is priceless…


You are a cruel man.

yeah…well you know me Mr. D…I am not much of the party type…so picturing YOU getting yelled at by your Rabbi is a priceless image to hold onto.

Getting the ‘hairy eye’ look during the Aaronic benedictaion is not something to look forward to.

Jews and Catholics share a big similarity. Guilt.

Aren’t you a Baptist, Paul?

Shame :twisted:

ahh…nope…Non-Denominational Christian…these days anyway…:slight_smile:

I’ll bet there are some Cowboys fans drinking right now.

Just remember – Paul you killed many brain cells

But have no fear you did not need them anyway

Since we only use a small part of our brain you just made room for the brain cells that you use to expand an multiply

Thus it is easy to see that people who drink are smarter esp in their old age

– BTW this is a true statement — check it out —

The non drinkers of the world should retake biology 101

And as far as the hangover goes – there are some good cures that are proven

If we need a new thread on this lets do it. Good friends, good booze, and good sex is what it is all about.

If I had my way my clients would pay me with all the above and keep the tax boys out of the picture.

Problem – They would still find a way to tax me. At least the “Good Friends” parts is still non taxable.


Why…Why…I am a Cowboys Fan…what happened as I am not watching the TV

It is written:

“Three Jews, five opinions. Three Gentiles, five denominations.” :mrgreen:

Why are Baptists against pre-marital sex?

Answer below:

The believe it will lead to dancing? :wink:

lol…man about the ONLY thing I do get is the taxes.

I love it when good people get together

Good nite all