Why people sue more. Food for thought.

An intersting take and explaination as to why people, not just home inspectors, get sued more these days.


Perceptive, true, … and very sad -

My business insurance lady, states she and her company can be sued by the spouse in the event one of them passes, because she or her insurance company was not forceful enough in selling life insurance. Never mind that she did offer the plan but the client turned it down. Now she has to have a document signed by the client, indicating the client does not desire nor want a life insurance policy from her or her company.

What kind of rubbish is that?! I guess we have lost all sense of responsibility in this great country of ours. Could it be because of all the lawyers looking for a quick buck. Or that as a country we have lost all moral turpitude?

I was taught about my own responsibility at a young age as the article stated. I taught that to my children and they are teaching theirs the same thing. No one ever said life is fair, but it is life.

It is ridiculous to hear that kiddie ball games do not keep score, or all kids that try out for teams are not told they don’t fit the dynamics of being good or bad at that sport. All because someone came up with the idea we don’t want to make junior feel bad or junior has to be a success at everything.

I truly feel sorry for those that think life owes them everything and if they do not get it, it is someone else’s fault. Get a grip and take some responsibility! You’ll be better off for it.

Good article Will, and a lot of truth to it.
Too many people in this Country that think the World owes them a living.

People have become lazy and expect everybody around them to pay for their own incapacity’s and ignorance to support them.

It is always someone else’s fault in their eyes for failure to be able to look at theirs. :slight_smile:

This mind set goes hand in hand with the fourclosure problem and people walking out on not only thier mortgage obligation but they are taking the light fixtures, sinks, appliances, Hvac equipment, counter tops, and even the landscape at times. Just because they think it is owed to them.

I am hurt and insulted by all you ‘George Bush’ neo-cons hurling your hurtful words at the less fortunate such as me. I will, however, accept your apology if it is keeping company with a big fat cheque with a one followed by a lot of zeros. In the mean time I am looking through the yellow pages for the biggest advertisement in the ‘Lawyers’ section. :smiley: