Why Philly? Why?

Just read this from a friends Facebook post. This is absolutely discusting. I can’t see Vick lasting too long in this city at all.


Wait till the story spreads to all the animal welfare groups in this city. The dude is going to wish he never came here. Philly has it’s own way of dealing with things the general public does not approve of.

Philly fans should chill.

It’s not like he voted for Palin, for God’s sake! Or didn’t support Polanski!

It’s The Onion. Not to be taken seriously.

Still, I’m disappointed that my team hired him. Didn’t Nike just sign him to endorse products (seems incredibly foolish to me)

The Onion confuses many. They Chinese government used to quote it when producing research on current events in the West. When they finally realized what was going on, they also came to realize how little they understood about the U.S.

Obviously, Scott was kidding.