Why the wire?

Here is a spa type bathtub. No bonding wire in the motor clamp.

But what is the wire attached to the pipes?

I have no other pics as this was one of those arms length shots just used to see this area as I could not stick my fat head in far enough to see. This is the only one that came out clear.


I’m not a Jacuzzi specialist, but this appears to be the “Low water sensor”. The low water sensor is a factory installed device that will not let the tub operate unless the water level is at the appropriate level.

What he said!!:mrgreen::roll:

I have never seen that wiring setup in Stuart, FL. Almost always, when you push the start button the motor starts, with or w/o water.

I wonder how much extra that feature is?

Plumber’s actual cost: say $24.

New home thieving contractor’s upcharge: $225.

That doen’t look like anything more than a screw into the pipe. The olny reason I can think of for it is if there is a new requirement like that for pools that the water be bonded. However with pools the bonding plate or lug needs to have a surface area of at least 9 square inches, I doubt this meets that.