Why was the Inside System sold/installed without FIRST identifying the problem(s)

What? Spend thousands without identifying any-all possible problems?
Click pics, see edge of floor,inside system was installed,several sump pumps and that unnecessary crap on inside walls.

Duh, ‘Lets put it in and see if it works but if YOU continue to get water in where where our system wasnt installed then your on your own,its not our fault’.

Whoever sold/installed inside system…did they even bother to check any-all other possible means of how water can-could be getting under that floor BEFORE selling the system?

Such as these possibilities…and others

Just as Mr Macy saw and clearly pointed out,different problems here but same incompetent knothead sales crap and installation of an inside system without bothering/knowing/caring where actual-problems exist

Same here,inside system installed without giving a crap and-or incompetence,happens ALL THE TIME