Why Waste Some Good Bricks?

Why Waste Some Good Bricks When You Can Put Them To Good Use…:slight_smile:


think those were union brickies John ???

Wow somebody jacked up that air handler and stole its wheels :shock:



Some breakers were getting hot too…


Funny… that is exactly what it looks like…:mrgreen:
This unit must be from New York…!

All they need to do now is install sized strapping from the rafters to the unit, in order to properly suspend the unit. Then install a piped secondary condensation pan.

That’ll correct this situation.

The contractor tried to explain to the owner “I only do HVAC…on the side.”

Can not find enough bricks for full time work? :smiley:

I would have passed the brick work under the heating unit if they had just
added a few more bricks higher so the client could put their storage
items under the unit. It’s hard to find good brick masons…:slight_smile:

Well I guess it’s “easier” than using uni strut and Threaded rod if it’s gettin close to beer 0’clock!

As far as stealing the wheels … the unit would most likely be found in “Beautiful Chelsea by da sea”