Why would...

a HVAC tech install the rubber tubing drain lines from a condensate pump here? This guy went out of the way (roughly 60 ft away from the pumps), to find a waste line that he could modify and install a trap for his tubing.

This was in a finished basement where he had to remove the sheetrock ceiling from 3 different rooms to have access to run the tubing to this point. He was going to patch this scuttle hole up permanently once he was completed. This guy was a real gem, he didn’t even get permits to install 3 new furnaces in this house.

The location of the furnace was on an outside wall and all he needed to do was follow the same lines to the compressor outside. (which is what I usually see)

Yep. What a dip-shi+. He’s not all there, obviously.

The see-thru condensation line can be fed right through the same penetration hole that the HVAC pressure line was utilizing.

In this county we can’t run the condensate line to any enclosed drain–the laundry tub, the floor drain, or outside are about the only options, like DV said.

You might want to check with the AHJ to be sure.

After all of that trouble it runs uphill.

In my area it would fill with deposits in no time.

I recommended that the owner contact the building dept to have them come out and look at it. Needless to say, they (code dept) didn’t like the install or the fact they didn’t get permits.

I’m sure the HVAC co. will be hearing from them. :wink:

Hey Brian that was about as smart as this one??? I see this crap all of the time just can not get these idiots educated on installing properly

Some of this stuff y’all post really amazes me.
I see some pretty shoddy installs myself sometimes and get called to re-do but I can’t believe some of this stuff that gets by.

Doesn’t the guy even think about what is going to happen after he’s gone? :frowning:

Charley at least yours runs down hill. That installer must have been a professional.:roll: