Why you should always recommend a licensed electrician in your reports

Although this case fined a licensed Electrician for not performing their work as required, it does indicate the new aggressiveness of the ESA to break even. Amateur wiring just became a really big hot button in Ontario. If you see it, call it out.

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Isn’t that why you shouldn’t recommend licensed electricians?

LMFAO. Licensing works eh!?

In NY electricians are only Lisenced by municipality, many don’t require it. I use the term “qualified electrician” or “qualified electrical contractor” putting it on the client what criteria means qualified to them.

I think there is no term that’s foolproof.

I have one statement on the footer that says “Qualified to perform” and just on the footer of my report and I use that for everything.

I see some reports where its on every description.
To each their own I guess.

Why do we need to assume our clients are idiots?, wait, never mind…