Why you should hire a profesional


Placed by the agent so they don’t have to pay the home inspector extra. This is how they justify their commission by saving their client a few dollars.

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What is it?

Air Check radon test kit.

Have a couple of those realtors that “provide” the same service and device/envelope here in my area.
I’ve been able to pull some over to my side using a CRM, for the proper fee of course:grin:

I’m glad that would be a violation for agents to do that in my State.


Thanks for sharing this. There are some good agents out there… but then, there are the rest of them.

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U.S. EPA - keep test kit 3 feet or more from doorways, hallways, windows, exterior walls… keep test kit out of direct sunlight.

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I can totally relate to this, that’s why now I only hire professionals. Lesson learned.

I’m glad I hired professionals to install my newly bought Kohler Veil Intelligent Toilet. Nothing went wrong.