Why you should hire the most expensive home inspector. Nick Gromicko interviewed on Audacy Radio


Thanks Nick - I just listened to the interview and it’s overall great. You definitely do a lot to help educate the public about our industry. The one thing that caught my attention is the E/O insurance thing. I think it’s a misrepresentation to talk of E/O insurance as though it’s for the buyer’s benefit. E/O insurance is to protect us from buyers.

The example given at roughly the 6:00 mark was that an inspector missed a bad “water tank” (assuming you mean water heater?). With E/O deductibles being what they are is there really a world in which an inspector would file a claim for a water heater? Of course, I understand that you are trying to “dumb it down” for the first-time buyers listening. I guess I just feel it gives them the wrong idea that we have insurance for every little thing that might go wrong.

Again, great job and I’m not meaning to nit-pick. I just always cringe when I hear inspectors bragging too much about E/O. It’s almost as though we’re inviting people to come after us.


I hear ya. I guess because we own our own insurance company, in-house, I’m generally way more wiling to give the consumer a check, even for issues that we could argue aren’t our problem.


Thanks Nick, this is real good.

Nick, it seems as though you were having a lot of fun in that podcast. Here is the link that she was talking about: The Smart Home Buyer Bootcamp - Apr 22 - Laura Moreno

I know she’s in Brooklyn, New York but it sounds as though she’s from India. I deal alot with the people from India, so I can understand them pretty well.

I really enjoyed the podcast. You did great.

On apple now.