Why you should not burn Candles

Many have seen the Ghosting on walls where you can see the studs or the ceiling is Grey.
This is commonly caused by Candles .

Did you know Candles can give of many toxic residues .

In 2000, the Public Citizen’s Health Research Group published a study in the Journal of the American Medical Association that indicated that candles with wicks containing lead were available at 12 different stores in the Washington-Baltimore area. Testing showed that the candle containing the least lead would, during three hours of burning time, produce enough air lead concentration so that a normally active six-year old would exceed the recommended daily lead limit for children in 45 minutes. The authors of the study concluded that there is no reliable method to distinguish lead-containing wicks from other metal-cored wicks.
Other issues that affect how cleanly a candle burns are the type of wax it is made of, and how it is burned. A candle burned in a draft with a Smokey, guttering flame will be emitting particulate matter into the air no matter what the wick material is. A wick that is too large for a particular candle will also flare and burn less cleanly than a properly-sized wick.



Thanks Roy! Finally a reason to avoid all those candles on My birthday cake this year. There were getting to be to damned many of them anyway. :shock:

Don’t be so quick to always blame ghosting on candles. It could be caused by thermal bridges and electrically heated homes that utilize baseboard heaters.

How do you get smoke from electric Heaters and you sure do not get lead from them like you can from Candles.

I didn’t say electric heaters cause smoke. Electric baseboard heaters do not circulate the air such as forced air furnace. It is not uncommon to see ghosting in corners of rooms and closets. Thermal bridging can also be a cause. That is where you see the studs in the wall or ceiling on light coloured walls.

NRC did an article on this sometime ago. I will see if I can find it.

Sorry I disagree with your statement completly.
Ghosting has every thing to do with the contaminets in the home .
This is just one of many that confirms this on Google

Your post just talks about the reason why the walls have the thermal bridging and I do agree with you on this .
Tou can get ghosting with many different constructed homes .
I have Electric heating and there is no ghosting that I can see ,
Good exhaust in bath rooms and kitchen.
Never burn Candles and no smoking.
My post was also to show the posible added lead contamination from Candle wicks.

Yes contaminates. If you don’t burn candles then other particulates/contaminates in the home can still cause ghosting. You stated it was the result of burning candles. That is misleading.

Not every home will exhibit ghosting. I have also seen ghosting in home with forced air heat.

I have seen ghosting in houses that have ghosts in them. BOO!:mrgreen: :mrgreen:

Roy, You left out the part about candles being one of the leading causes of home fires.

Number 4 but still way to many fires


You shouldn’t burn candles at both ends either! :mrgreen:

I guess that’s why my wife keeps burning all of those candles. She’s looking for studs!!:smile: :wink:


Sorry my wife will not share me


Either that or she is trying to do you in on the quiet. Lead poisioning will eventually make you insane. Try not to breath when the candles are burning. :wink:

AHH, but they’ll go Cuckoo together!:wink:

“Happiness is having a freind join you in your insanity”
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