On my computor, there’s this cursor, you see…and it’s an arrow. But when I get to something I want to "click"on, it turns into a hand.

Why is the hand pointing it’s *middle *finger at me??

When’s the last time you had your eyes tested?:shock:

Some people have no sense of humor:-(

Why… 3/17/08 1:51 PM a red box for you

Up to now this was a Two man conversation… hummm… I wonder who left the “Red Box”?:roll:

I just left you a Greenie!

Frank, like you I have found some people who just don’t like me.

I’d rather be in your company than these low lifes.:cool:

Like we used to say in the Army… TANKS!:stuck_out_tongue:

Enjoy the humor Michael. Its needed.

Greenie to you

Laugh at me, laugh with me but let’s all try to laugh more. :slight_smile:
Thanks guys.

**Honest question!!:mrgreen: **

**Honest answer!!:mrgreen: **

**Laughter is good medicine!:wink: **

In February of 2007 I had the pleasure to meet you at the Denver Commercial Inspector’s Course in Denver Colorado.

I found that you are indeed a Good Man!

My advice is to “keep up the good work” and don’t let the nay sayers get you down.

NACHI needs Good People like you!

Warmest Regards… Your Friend…

Another green on its way for you for sure.

Gee I give out greens and do not go on the BB to brag about it.

It is to Bad NACHI has a group of Members who are on the esop board.
One of these members keeps sending me Private emails .
He is taunting me trying to get me to post the email so he can lay a charge on Roy Cooke and see if he can get me removed from NACHI.
We have a lot of Great people on this ESOP unfortunately there are some who have no idea how to behave.
We have seen some of their posts.
Some are extremely repetitive and others are mean and say some things that are not very nice.
I do hope some day these who can not control their emotions do manage to behave them selves .

Ve-e-e-ry interestink. My original post was at 3:45pm and Mike’s reddie was at 1:51pm–almost two hours earlier.

Kinda scary, ain’t it?!?!

Check your settings Jae. It says you posted at 1:45 on mine.

Too funny;-)

Why… 3/17/08 2:43 PM We all hate you Porky Pig

Says 3:45pm on my machine. My last post shows 5:10pm and it is now 5:18pm. My settings seem to be O.K.

Of course, Ohio is in a whole different world than is Wisconsin…

…but it has ever been said we’re 20 years behind–not 2 hours ahead.

Now I’m really confused.

Today I’m in the mountain time zone and it’s daylight saving time too. Post times are all according to your individual settings.

Either that or I can tell the future.:cool:

Like I said–scary, ain’t it?:smiley: :smiley: :wink: :roll: :roll: :eek: :twisted: :neutral: :shock: :slight_smile:

I get my information from

The Barack Obama Magic Eight-ball

Wonder if this could help with lottries.