Put it there??? (Boxes for AC condensers)

2nd picture is town home next door. Looks like someone told them to relocate it… away from water:p




Isn’t it obvious Bob ???..that’s so they can wash the debris out of the boxes during spring cleaning…

I just love seeing photos like this. May I use them for my newsletter and marketing material?

They appear to be exterior weather protective boxes,… other then just a not-so-perfect location (under a hose bib) Arn’t they still exposed to rain?

Of course thay are, but it is just funny that the sub would do that.

Gotcha! :wink:

Sure, have at it.

Exactly. Crazy (in a funny kind of way:roll:)

I hope they don’t leave the water on. This builder should be shot.

New (and dumb) construction.

Gotta love it :wink:

In that second picture, what is that (what looks like) a dryer vent with all them AC lines and PVC running into it?

Looks like it, doesn’t it? Fairly common around here. A sheild with AC lines and condensate lines (also foam sealant within the sheild).

To bad they do not raise or lower it so the upper flange is under the siding maybe they could put a small extension on it.

It’s only a guess . . .
The electrician was cheaper than the plumber! :):slight_smile:


It looks dry from here…