Couple interesting things…

  1. Steel wool at every plumbig wall opening (both bathrooms and kitchen).

  2. Air-powerd flushing device in toilet tank (but not in other tank).

Curious as to why these would be present.


The steel wool if to prevent mice.

The air assisted toilet is not uncommon.

Makes sense, since these “pouches” were ALL OVER the attic. (at least 30 of em)
And 1 confirmed dead


Thanks, Mike

Any ideas why one toilet and not the other?

Some early 1-1’2 gal. flushers did a poor job. That one is an add on retrofit.

Someone needed more fiber in their diet?

Let me tell you, If you are visiting a house, and unaware of the SWOOSH that happens when you pull the lever, and you happen to curtacy flush, You are in for a surprise. Been there.

A flush and a tank refill takes just a few seconds…