Why do electricians gang multiple grounds and neutrals when there are plenty of open lugs???:roll:


Why operate multiple screws when you can do it with one.

Laziness would be my guess.

This probably comes from the same type of electritian that says:
“I have done it that way for years and have never had a problem”

We know it only takes one time.

Time = money.

I have known some electricians whom I went through school with that went to work for various companies in the area and when they got their work assignments for the day they attempted in the beginning to do it the way they were taught and got their butts reamed out. Their supervisors told them, “***We don’t care what they told you in school, do it this way, we don’t have time to lug each and every conductor.***” "We have another job to be at this afternoon. And if you can’t get on board with the way we do it, then you won’t last long here." I don’t see it too much anymore on new construction but a lot on homes over 5-6 years old.

All of these guys were veterans / military retirees who from the time they first came into the service, were trained to do it right the first time, and safety first. This is hammered in on a daily basis their entire careers.
All but one are no longer doing electrical work, and he owns his own company and works at his own pace (he is a retired Master Chief, so he don’t move fast for no one). But he is in high demand for the quality of his work.

When I see available lugs when I work in a electrical panel, It’s like being in heaven. I always get the back luck Federal panels that are stuffed with wires and have no more room or a lot of electricians will use the front lugs in a panel that has front and a rear row of lugs set. With those I have to work like a surgeon to get my wire to the available rear lug spots.


Are there permits and electrical inspections there in Georgia? Even if the electrician installed something this shoddy this should have been caught by the EI and corrected.

Yes but I find this all the time. Just amazes me when there are plenty of open lugs…