But it Looked good on Paper----:lol:

What kind of roof did you put on the report? Hippogablerbutterfly! LOL

Can I use that word!!

Sure can I have not put a trade mark on it yet but you better steel it quick!!!


Beer and pizza will get you a lot of free volunteer labor.

Don’t give 'em the beer first.

That’s like a Rube Goldberg roof. :wink:

Their still going to smoke that funny tobacco.
Your dammed if you do you don’t.
Can’t win ether way.

  1. Ran out of valley flashing and no one will see it way up here…

  2. Roof leaked and they were called back and this is the “fix”

Look at the valley flashing’s.
2 different styles.
Try not miss observations like that.
Those are beer drinkers and pot puffers to the extreme.
There is no trade experience on that roof.
Roofing is the shortest trade in technical hours.
Shingle roofing is a very easy concept to learn.
Missing flashing detail be it improper material to non existence of the systems component are the defects and deficiencies 99 % of the time.

Flashing are the biggest influence on weather tight and material warranty for a residential building components bar none.

Robert, thanks for the input but he asked why, not whats wrong with this? So I gave him some possible reasons. Oh and its Kenneth