Sellers Disclosures generally don’t mean squat. Who cares if it was (allegedly) like that when they bought it or not? It’s an issue today. Their mistake for not (allegedly) having discovered it when they purchased, is my response to the flood in the basement last year in the home they’ve owned for 20 years (and claim to know nothing about)! I bet their insurance agent knows all about it!!!

Its simple, clean up the home, stage the home, try to hide the leaks with Kilz and cover up wall and floor issues with boxes and storage.
All of the repetitive issue we fine likely never get included in the repair request.
I would have my home as ready as possible but frankly i keep it that way. Thats my issue…:slight_smile:
Most realtor will focus on the process of staging and presentation and tell the sellers not to worry with the small stuff.
Have spoken with several brokers and TP realtors about education and pre sales/listing inspections but they just cant grasp the bigger picture of value there.

I agree, but that’s the game in my area, I’m just playing it. I guess the idea is that a seller doesn’t want to take the home off the market or let an inspector go through unless there’s a serious offer. So after an offer is approved and agreed upon, I go in and inspect.

Frankly, I think I’d rather se it the other way, inspect then negotiate one time.

Let’s think about this. If there is a contract to purchase then it forces both sides to negotiate the defects. Think earnest money. Conversely, if there is no offer and the inspection comes back with a truck load of safety issues, then the buyer does not make an offer and the house does not sell. Now maybe there are other issues at hand here, but this is one view.

It’s simple in my mind. Some american’s are the put it off to the last minute type and maintaining a home takes effort and money so they just like to put it out of sight out of mind until one day they try to sell and it bites them in the *** ;). I’ve also seen it where people just want out without having to do nothing at all and is willing to take a few bucks off the asking price to just move on.

That’s true, I get that the initial agreement (pre home inspection) gets everyone to the table. Just seems, in many cases there’s an agreement, then the waters get murky as there’s almost always a re/negotiation.

If there was no initial agreement, the house may never sell.

Outstanding reply! :slight_smile: This says it all and more. :slight_smile:

1: Foreclosures

2: People dont care

edit- Or that huge list that Imayer posted which really sums it up.