Why's it backing up?

**Can you believe this! :shock: **

Seen some bad systems but this takes the cake

Those pictures are all crap, Barry!! :wink: :wink:

I’ve seen some crap in my time but these tanks were weird.

There was a distinctive no grow zone about 6" from the walls and the whole root mass was floating about 6" off the bottom. Bobbed when probe pressure was exerted from the top. This was almost as if it had at one time dehydrated or shrunk to current size.

They got a quote for $250.00 to remove both masses and clear the lines, we’ll see, not me!

Kind of Septic tank Bonzai tree sorta thingy.:mrgreen:

Definitely not from an ACORN :wink:

lol…definately not!:slight_smile: may have been from a cherry seed someone “left” after being recycled.

Talk about fertile roots!