Wide angle lens

I work for Extech (a division of FLIR) and I didn’t agree with the above statement and thought it was misleading so I checked with the service manager at FLIR to be sure. The above information is partially true. Here is the service manager’s response: “Joe (Gierlach) is not giving all the details. Assuming a camera has a cal file with certain type of lens, yes you could borrow another identical lens and cal would be good. If the borrowed lens type is different and the camera was never calibrated to the different lens, then no you could not borrow a different type lens and have calibration in spec.”

What this means is the standard lens that comes with the camera should work on any camera because all cameras are calibrated for the standard lens and contain a cal file for it. When you order an optional lens, it has to be calibrated to the camera. Then the camera has a cal file for that specific lens. That’s the only way it will work. So lenses are interchangable between cameras if the cameras have been previously calibrated to that specific type lens before. I hope this clears it up.

First time posting a reply so hopefully I did it correctly. (I didn’t want anyone to be misled about the incomplete calibration information).

Glenn Marcinuk
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All I know is it did not cost me any extra I purchased the lens and the camera together and they stated shipment would be delayed about 3 days due to calibrating the lens to the camera. That may have been a russ as to why the camera had not been shipped don’t know

What I was told when I bought my B400 w/high temp option was that the imager software needed the file installed to calibrate the specific degree lense. If an imager had that file installed it could use that lense.

Cal free in first 3-60 days of camera purchase.

Larry, you have a “B-xxx”. It has different software to start with. Year of Mfg determines what is on board also.