Widows 8

Is anyone using a windows 8 platform for data collection on site or in the office for writing report? I am a HIP user and I am runiing my office on a window xp and my understanding is that in a few months windows will no longer support XP, so I am looking at updating and starting data collection on site. My thought is, why not get the most up to date program? :slight_smile: Thanks

We’ve had guys using Windows 8 for at least a year before it was even released officially! You’re good to go.

Ok thanks, but is it the way to go?

The way I understand it, if you get Windows 8 Pro you can change the operating system back to Windows 7 if you want to. I, personally, like 7…old dog new tricks thing, I guess.:slight_smile:

I have Windows 8 on my main desktop computer and its a step backwards in a lot of ways. I have found ways to work around everything that annoys me.

I much prefer Windows 7.

Windows 8 is supposed to be less buggy but I have found the opposite to be true. Right now as I speak I have a frozen file explorer which I cannot close or minimize…I have to turn off the computer. It happens every few days. Annoying but not enough to uninstall and go back to 7.

Craig, I’d say around 30% of our users are now on Windows 8 and we’ve seen extremely few problems once they’ve gotten over the learning curve of using Windows without a start menu!