Wierd contacts from my website

My website has a “Contact me” form.
I get these about once or twice a month. Just nonsense, usually followed by another one that’s just blank. Been going on for quite a while now.
Is this a web crawler/spider whatchmahcallit thingy checking to see if my contact form really works? An alien named “sammi”?

Name : sammi
Phone : GmdiFrZPcldyNkONd
Email : djdoz@gmail.com
Message : Yc6Lme djG39Bsk4chHy2M0xpk2Fv

Yep, second one just came in…

Name :
Phone :
Email :
Message :

Spam bots. You need to add CAPTCHA to your forms so that the bots can’t get to them. Here’s an example: http://www.daytonthermalinspection.com/thermal-inspection-request.html (look at the bottom of the form)

Hi Dominic,

Other than the occasional wierd e-mails what happens if the bots get to my forms?

If you have no security holes in your form, nothing. Often they are probing for vulnerabilities to take over your server.

I remember asking Dominic the same thing last winter.

Wish the clients filled them out as often as those bots do.

One more problem that can’t be solved with a rock and a stick. I was born 14,000 years too late. :frowning:

I am no spring chicken and am self taught.

Learned everything ,while getting into Inspection and reading the forums, which is why I am so active.

The nice thing about computers is no physical exertion is needed.

Do not make me pull out the Grandma Moses card.

I had those as well on my website and the captcha works. I have not seen a weird one since then.

Ok, now where can we get this type of coding and how do we go about installing it on our contact page?

I’ve built it into our website form creator. If you don’t see it on your site let me know. You had one of the first sites we set up and I have to manually active it on those sites.

Cool, i will check it out. I am having trouble with my grassfrog site with this mess I think.

Yep it is in place on your site forms. Thanks

Ok good. You’d have to ask Roberta to add it into her system then.


Name : probing your computer
Phone : patiently
Email : 123lookingoveryourshoulder
Message : CAPTCHA needed

Name : Friznatz Gribblestat
Phone : (069) 534-8954
Email : Frizzy@rumplestilskin.com
Message : Woo Hoo. How bout you?

ROTFLMAO… You asked for it Kenton…:mrgreen:

Yes, the title should have been…
“Wierd contacts from my website: THIS IS NOT A REQUEST”

Did you call the number? Could be a big job :smiley:

Maybe, but I suspect that Fiznatz is up to no good. Anyone should feel free to call him.

Hey! Maybe it’s one of those girls from Ghana who’ve been answering my pen pal ad.

Ha ha