WiFi Card

Joe, the software that comes with whatever wireless router you have connected to your broadband internet connection will walk you thru how to enable WEP on the router. For instance, see page 4 of this typical Linksys router setup: http://www.whitehats.ca/main/members/Cerberus/secure_linksys_wap/securing_your_linksys_wireless_access_point.pdf

I was thinking along the lines of getting a Verizon wireless broadband account and card. NO worry about finding a WI-FI spot. I think the monthly is about $ 50-60 and you can use it at home too. I only hesitate because I use cable at home now and if I switched I am sure cellular broadband is way slower.

Mike, thanks. Linksys is what I have so … guess I’ll get the eighteen year-old Fordham University-bound National Merit Scholarship Award winner right on it.

I’m sure it’s way slower, too, but the ads claim otherwise. Still, it solves the portability issue and the theft-of-services problem.

Brian, thanks. Do these products slow you down?

Also, remember if using Windows XP then it has a built-in firewall. As far as I know it’s as good as any. I’m not aware of any slowness imposed by a firewall. On your laptop access it thru Control Panel/Network Connections then see Firewall settings on the left.

Got it. I guess I’m good to go.

No the Sonicwall does not slow me down Joe. And it is pretty good protection for a home wireless network, along with encryption of course.

Windows built in Firewall is bare minimum and NOT as good as any. Most experts recommend using a 3rd party firewall.

David, you’re absolutely correct & I should not have said that. I probably should have said Windows XP firewall is better than nothing and should be turned on unless you’ve invested in a more robust solution.

I too m considering the Verizon option. Tired of searching for spots to hook up to wi fi. Being able to use it anywhere while out sounds worth 50 -60 if I stay as busy as I am now. Will still keep my FIOS for home and only use the wireless in the field. Speed really isn’t a big factor for that use since it will mainly be email and maybe some very very limited surfing.

Those wifi security tips were good. As far as how secure your computer or network is at anytime - think of it like your house. If someone who knows how REALLY wants in, they will get in. But using those tips, firewalls, and common sense will help deter your neighbors and the common hacker of opportunity as well as traveling HIs. Especially not broadcasting, if they cannot see it how can they get on, and the neighbors and opportunists probably don’t have detection equipment.

So now I’m an expert.:slight_smile: Thanx David.:slight_smile:

You may find it easy to log on to Internet Service though a Wi-Fi but that does not mean you can get into the owners computer, just the Internet Connection.

Your computers should be protected from outside access through a wireless hub firewall. You can then tighten security at each computer on the network that has sensitive material.

The wireless hub can filter use through password requirements. Or, it can remain open.

As posted, anyone who wants in, can get in.
But in my opinion wireless is safer than a cable connection that is on all the time. Someone has to come sit in my driveway to access through my wi-fi. My neighbor may have a gun on anyone who tries, ask the Tax Man!:shock:

My laptop has built in wireless access. I can tap onto the internet at just about any high density neighborhood or office area. I don’t need to buy a $4.00 cup of coffee at Starbucks.

I don’t think there is a law against it, so I wouldn’t call it stealing.

I would do my research before I bought Wireless broadband. Verizon towers may not have good coverage and if the towers are far way or partially blocked the performance is going to be substandard. Check the message boards or make sure the contract allows you an out if the performance isn’t meeting your expectations. Personally I am going to wait for Metro Wi-FI. Philadelphia and Mountain View, CA. are putting it in and many cities are following them. Until then I will stick with local hotspots.

Regarding firewalls, the protection they offer is dependant on where they are on your network. If they are built-in to the router they can be pretty effective if setup correctly. There is no substitute for WEP. WEP is pretty good at stopping people from using the WI-FI access point.

Here’s some info on Sprint’s (Nextel) mobile broadband service.



The problem is every random " Access Point " has the ability to be password protected.....but here is the deal.......in my recent adventure into the WIFI world...lol........with my pocket pc and doing electrical estimates...

 Every neighborhood I drove into caused my PPC to go crazy......just last week I had 10 connections and only 2 were password protected and secure...

The problem is it works right out of the box for many with the advent of XP and well…the old saying if it works…leave it alone so they do and never protect it…

It is a very simple process that I think 80% of the wifi users forget to do or just dont do…

ahhh…do I steal wifi signal when I am in a neighborhood ( looking around )…no…NOT ME…NEVER…that would be…well…Criminal…:wink:

The old saying is…if you walk into the garden and admire the FRUIT you are not breaking the law…at the point you actually PICK UP the fruit and start to eat of it…you are breaking the law…hows that for an analogy.


see my analogy…their is a law…signal theft…BUT very hard to prove it…

I called my techno geek friend who is also in BNI with me…great guy…and he said to me…

You also have to remember…an open network is either a VERY stupid person or a VERY smart person…

Now…I said…what do you mean…he said…either they just bought it and hooked it up and left it alone and are stupid to not simply protect it…which I did not take offense…lol…

OR they are really smart and trying to ENTRAP you into using their signal so they can reverse hack into your computer…or note your enterance into their system…either way…I found his analogy funny as well.

Agreed. However, you’d also fall into the stupid catagory if you accessed a wireless network without a firewall. Windows firewall isn’t enough. Try Zone Alarm for a freebee. www.zonelabs.com