Will Decker... is it your birthday?

If so, Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday Will, hope you had a great one!

Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday Will.

Thanks for the good thouights, but I would really rather not have it commemorated. 56 years is a long time and it’s no fun getting old.

Thanks just the same.

Happy Birthday Will, hope it was good, and don’t feel bad about the 56, the 60 for me here in two months sure sucks. :):wink:

Come on Will? Just look at it this way, it has been 56 years of family life that I am sure you would not give back for no money!! Enjoy it my friend, life goes by just way to fast these day. Enjoy your time you have with your wife, and the time you get to spend when the girls are home on leave. G*d bless, and love and prayers sent your way.

I am with you Marcel - the big 60 end of next month - the only problem is when my mind and body disagree on our age - the mind writes checks the body can’t cash!

Happy birthday Will!