Will Decker-Teaches at Purdue University

On Thursday September 13, 2007, Will Decker presented his Thermal Imaging 3 hour training session for my class of Pre-License students at Purdue University.

Will was a big hit with the students, who all enjoyed his knowledge of the subject, and his relating of real life inspection stories and situations.

This is the third time Will has made himself available (at no charge) to come over to Indiana to share training courses he has written with NW Indiana Inspectors, and inspectors to be.

Will is always one of the best ambassador’s NACHI has.

Ken Jones
Purdue University North Central

Take That (name withheld)! And you said that NACHI should only use “Professional Educators”.

(You know who you are. Don’t need to rub it in.)

But no one bought me any adult beverage :neutral:

Even after I share with them my patented formula for the (Ta-Da):

Jim Beam Slushy:

Now that I have your attention, I just might post the recepie if more respond to this post.

Seriously, I enjoyed it. New, pre-licensed inspectors. Such fertile and unshaped minds.

As my Dad used to say:

“A young mind is a terrible thing not to (mess) with.” :mrgreen:

Your dad was right Will, The only problem with today’s kids, we can not use the 2x4 first to get their attention :mrgreen: By the way. Great job… and great things are in the process for Ohnachi if you get my drift.:wink: