Will I need a truck to run a home inspection business?

4motorcyle ladder


Most home inspectors are already offering those services in house as is.


Thanks you.

Just curious Thomas, has it been reliable for you?

" 2" from the facia" ???

Fascia is the correct spelling. Manufacturers minimum overhang was 1/4". 2" shingle overhang in this area they would bend and break off. I would call that out as an installation deficiency as much as no overhang.

Planar deflection can more often be felt as well as seen. It often indicates past or current water damage, or incorrect installation, to the sheathing. Any movement will accelerate roof aging.

Not walking the roof will 100% guarantee that you will miss finding obvious roof system deficiencies. So go ahead and don’t obsess about providing minimal inspection services.

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You need a ladder.
You don’t need a truck.

For example see:

Reach Height: 19.5 feet reach
Storage Height: 36 inches $390.49

You definitely don’t want to go all in on a truck, before you even know if you’ll like inspecting for real.

A quick modification to the passenger seat: removing the headrest and putting a cover over the seat… can give you room for a 8 foot or so ladder in a Honda Insight (measure to be sure). Protect the front windshield. Or get a roof rack. All valid choices.

Home inspectors put a lot of miles on. Optimizing for fuel is a way to stay competitive, and I argue is a vehicle optimized for home inspections.

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Thanks. I’ve heard bad things about those telescoping ladders.

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Ha. Personally it is the only ladder I will every buy.

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This is what I’ve got and it fits well in my Camry hybrid.

Fuck a truck; not necessary, is a fuel hog, and I’m comfortable enough in my masculinity that I don’t need to compensate.

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Hi Casey. Did you mean to post a link?

You seem to have strong opinions.
And do your own research.
And be resistant to the word of others.
Hopefully that serves you well in your chosen profession.

Hi Jeff! I respect your opinion. I’m 260 pounds. What happens to these ladders? Do they just collapse all of a sudden?

I’ve heard people on this forum aren’t fans of them.



For the ladder? Bryce already did. That’s the one I have been using for four years.

The fact you felt the need to say that is ironic.


I see. Is it still good as new? Doesn’t feel like it bends too much, etc.?

Just get a ladder rack…

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I’m in that 250+ range and I don’t think they bend too much. They do flex a bit though. You want to make sure you have it at the proper angle so the weight goes down the stiles and is transferred to the ground, rather than deflecting the stiles.

It’ll bend a bit. And it is a bit awkward lifting scuttle hatches with it, but not needing a truck is a biiiig plus.

For me the only injury I’ve had was smashing my finger between rungs when collapsing the ladder. Everyone does that the first day I think.

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