Will I need a truck to run a home inspection business?

I only use a Little Giant velocity 17’. I’m too scared of the telescoping even though they really would come in handy sometimes. Here’s a trick that I use to get into those small attic hatches in the back of a closet, I hope I’m not reinventing the wheel!
I just drop off the extension legs outside. Then I’m left with just the super light inner part, which is easy to carry upstairs and be used to push open the hatch and be maneuvered in tight spaces. If I need more height I’ll keep on the bottom extension.


Awesome! Thanks for your input

Nice ladder. What size is it when it’s collapsed? What is your inspection vehicle?

I have an HHR panel too! Great car! I put a roof rack on mine to carry the big ladders.

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I’d suggest your next best move as a prospective inspector is to get Nachi to delete your post, so no client ever finds it. Then, listen to advice and get real.
You don’t need a truck.
You do need to get realistic.


What services do you add on to the inspection for 300 dollars more?

Defective Telescoping Ladders Recalled Due to Fall Hazard, Serious Injury Risk
Werner has voluntarily recalled about 78,000 aluminum telescoping ladders due to the risk of failure. The recalled ladders reportedly have defects that can cause them to break while they are in use. Given that these ladders range from 13 to 26 feet in size, the defect presents a serious risk of falls and injury.

Many do not have rigidity comfort standards. EN131 Certified.
I tried one >< 10 years ago. Round feet worried me. It felt flimsy and buckled inward in the middle as I ascended and descended. One time the rung locking latch did not engage allowing the section to settle back into the cylinder and the ladder leaned to the left.
That’s my take on Telescoping Ladders.
Many InterNACHI forum posts about Telescoping Ladders years ago.

This ladder recall is from a group of ladders that were manufactured in a two month span in 2018. Werner makes an excellent extension ladder.

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I do the same. I probably use in more in the winter in my area. There is no substitute for getting on the roof.

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I have Ladders dating back to 2018 and before. The post to inform members that ladder manufactures of all types have recalls.
CMP Group Recalls Swimming Pool Dock Ladders Due to Laceration Hazard.
Home Hardware Stores Ltd. Recalls Benchmark Step Ladder with Tray
MultiMatic and model 121321 12-foot TriMatic.

I had fun this weekend. I used the big ladder for this one.


Nice project. I hope you used this picture when calling out the defect :smile: :call_me_hand:



Balancing on the ridge 55 ft over the concrete patio, it took me a couple tries to get it in frame, but I got it alright.


Just to clear, I’m not at all suggesting that anyone should be doing this. I enjoy climbing. That’s all.


Nice one. Good time for a cloudy day, with that much roof to walk.

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Wow, nice one. How many sf?

14,090 sqft. Only $1.6 million. That’s just $113.5 per sqft.
Vacant for months. It was in bad shape

Long report, I’m still working on it.


My Gorilla brand does the same.
Unlatch the height adjuster locks and pull it all the way out of the legs.
Gorilla also supplied me with two “solid” 'U’s to insert into the loose legs to make a second A-frame in case I need to place a platform to stand on.
It’s heavy, but very helpful at times!

As for your Little Giant… GOOGLE is your friend.
Make friends with it. it will save your butt more than you will ever know!

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Hi Michael, just slide them completely off.

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