Will I need a truck to run a home inspection business?

Have you considered moving your ladders to the passenger side of your vehicle?

In a bad enough accident they can shift (front end collision) or be thrust into the driver (rear end collision).

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It’s funny you mention that. After looking at the picture I did move the ladders to the passenger side. I was recently re-ended, the gal only bent my license plate but her grille was toast. A harder hit would push the ladders through my spinal cord.


Real men wear protection!

Nuff said!!


Thank you for posting this, this is actually very true. I have heard of people being hurt like this when rear ended.


I do carry my ladders behind the drivers seat but because we use my truck when the family goes anywhere. I’d rather hurt myself than my GF and her daughter. Have a king cab so at least I have an extra 4’ or so before my seat. But if they were on the passenger side, then they would be right behind her daughter.

You absolutely must have at least one ladder. Obviously you are not in Texas but here you MUST inform the client at the first contact if you regularly depart from SOP, which here includes walking roofs.
And drones will NOT work in all areas; near an airport, trees blocking access, etc. forget it. A drone is a good secondary tool but CANNOT be used in place of a ladder. I carry only one ladder, a Little Giant that gets me on all single stories, most two stories and interior attics but folds small enough to fit in my Ridgeline bed with the cover closed. I also have a larger version that only comes out when needed, maybe once or twice a year. It is a royal pain due to weight and needing lots of space to setup. Had to use it last week on a two story straight sided condo with no leap frog lower roofs and near the airport. Your ladder is THE most important piece of equipment you can own when it comes to safety and keeping you out of court. Buy, maintain and use the best ladder you can buy and design your vehicle around it. I have used compact pickups, vans, SUV’s, full size Trucks and now in a midsize Honda Ridgeline. One of the best inspection vehicles I have used.