Will PCB BCAS 11-01 pass?

Well this is for Mike especially, I, just, a thought maybe the licensing if not repealed could of been a start to improve the Home Inspector’s position and would make a statement but I was wrong and I admit it. I sat down with my wife and we talk about everything going on and she said why? You have worked so hard at your trade and made forty two years of always caring and helping others succeed in this field. The way Florida gave licensing away was a insult to you and your trade that you love so much. Either way you will not be hurt by this you earned the respect that made you what you are today.

So Mike, I want this Repeal, Repeal, Repeal.

Sounds like your wife is a very smart woman.

Woo hoo “coom by ya” most of us agree.

Best Florida post this year, maybe ever!

I have a question specifically as related to the wind mit inspections. We currently are able to provide the home inspection license # on the wind mit form and the wording was to have been changed on the form but never was. The revokation of the licencing program and requirement will not revoke the validity of the licenses aready issued(mine expires like all yours in 2012). Will we be able to continue to issue these reports? The next question is who knew what was coming at OIR.

If they take these away again it will hurt operators who lack the GC licenses. I think an appropriate action for all the associations would be to climb on OIR’s back and ride them until they let us continue to do them.

What station??

Brian would you believe the A/C and heat did not work on that house we were at today?

I think that we should have a class action lawsuit against the state.

Channel 6

Well then, I am glad I didn’t or wasn’t the guy issueing that compliance report! I was just doing a favor and taking the photos. John, did you note the interior cieling cover plate on the exterior box for the garage light fixtures that were not installed?

That will be crazy if they repeal the license. If HI’s lose wind mits, they can all be qualified under Nachi Management.

Yes I did

Well then, I still respect you.


General Contractor
Medical Doctors
HVAC contractors

Let’s deregulate everybody. You want to be an Engineer do it! Want to be a Medical Doctor go ahead and practice, Want to be a Lawyer, what the heck do it! We can be all we want to be. Let’s all go to the moon, gee we all are astronauts!! Why not. I want to be the President of the USA tomorrow. Yeah I got an office the oval office.

Meeker for President why not. He can Meeker anyone. YEAH!!! Repeal, repeal!!

I doubt anyone will likely die if a home inspector messes up.
It may and could happen but kind of unlikely.

Did someone mention “TPR Valve” ??? :twisted::twisted:

hu huhu hu

I can most definitely see a contractor needing a license. Its a public safety issue. I have been in the construction industry for 20 years. Some things I have seen while remodeling have utterly dropped my jaw on the floor. Previous work was obviously not licensed. Wires run under aluminum thresholds, bearing walls removed with no support, etc.

Look out they may pounce with statements like that around here.