Will The Bubble Burst

2006 Real Estate Market Predictions

How’s your town doing?

Up 8.9% here :mrgreen:

Still roaring along in the Tampa area.
Here’s our advantages…
900 people a day move into the state.
Baby Boomers have started retiring.
North and South of Tampa are building homes as fast as they can.
Every Fall…Sept, Oct, Nov big storms visit, tear it all down and we get to start all over again !

Here in Orange County California:

1500 transactions in the past four weeks, that’ down 20% from same period last year. But sales prices were up 16% over the same period last year. Buy, Buy, Buy!!!

Has slowed down a little in Orlando


I talked to several Real Estate Agents today. All are complaining of the same problem. Lack of closings. Home listings are through the roof. I’ll bet for every Real Estate listing I see there are three “For Sale by Owner” signs out there. The problem looks like it’s related to Citizens Insurance suddenly jerking their rates up by 100%. The State Legislature will be looking to solve this problem in March.