Will the Home Inspector be the last to recover?

I have spent “like many of you” many years, time, and money building a referral base of Real-estate professionals. I built long trusting relationships made up of some of my areas finest agents. It has been hard work full of ups and downs but until these past 4 months or since the bottom has fallen out of the housing market it has been the best ride ever for me.

The past 3 weeks I have been working hard to re-connect with my base to learn that 75% of my base has moved on to other jobs, not had a single closing since last May or June, or I have just been unsuccessful in locating them.

It is safe for me to say that the Home Inspector will be the last to recover in todays market.

Having never dealt with realtors, I cannot answer that for you. All of my business is referral business. I have never been so busy.

Same here as I knew my business would not get an immediate jump start, but feel my belief that not marketing to Agents because of my personal feelings of wanting to give 100 percent to the client was the right one.

I have connections that would have helped me but like not owing anybody ,anything.

Sure I know it sounds like I am downing others ,but I am not.
Different areas have different ways to play the game.

I am blessed to be in a city as big as Chicago , where referals from past clients and a large amount of transactions make my personal methods work for me.

I feel bad for those that have had a majorty of referals come out of a Brokers office.

Not all areas are hard hit ,and it seems to be changing rapidly, so lets all hope for a good recovery this spring.

My gut feeling is that January and February are going to be very tough due tothe change of power in the White House

So you only work with FSBO and people who do not use Realtors?:shock:

Much of my business is referral but not all of it. I am sying I have lost 75% of agent referral during this housing market that has hit my areas really hard.

I feel bad for inspectors and agents who areas have been effected by the current housing market. Real