William H York

Here is his flyer for his class in case anyone is interested.



Click the link :twisted:

Bill York will be putting something together specifically for Nachi members and will be posted here this week.

The link does not work

Use this one 1802inspectors.com

Are there any other education providers in Florida for this training?

I have taken them both… Bill York & The NACHI online course are the only two I know of, Bill’s course has been updated to include the new form and NACHI’s has not, otherwise they are fairly equal.

I was told Dr jose Uz does


I just signed up. It seems like a great value with the discount.

The only approved by the State of Florida for 7 to 8 hours of CE for Engineers, Architects and Contractors full methology and specific training on each of the 9 sections of the OIR-B1-1802 form is here:



nowhere on the site does it say it is state or DBPR approved and 400 bucks seems a little steep

I like the Idea of the Certificate and id Badge but it is STEEP “$” Bill class is $125.00… to Nachi members…

Successful passage of either Bill York’s or the NACHI course provides a certificate, wouldn’t take too much for NACHI to produce a badge too.

Let’s see… Free, $125 OR $400? :-k


The latest Wind Mit form is included in the InterNACHI course.
OIR_B1_1802-7.pdf (137 KB)
Here’s a link to the many other forms available from Citizens website.


Damn that was funny…LoL

With proof of Nachi membership $150.00


I hope you didn’t misinterpret me I want to make it clear all your programs are AWSOME!!!

What I meant is that I am able to detail different scenarios and potential answers on each section, and that I am on the spot for any immediate question that may come up. I feel that the details are so important especially since it appears that the insurance companies are trying to get the State to investigate and possible prosecute what they feel might be fraud—no room for errors-and that is scary.

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