Williamson Furnace

Age? It appears that its a 65 or 71, just wanted to see if anyone knew for sure. BTW, it only had one, large burner.

Ser # 6523071
Mod 1114-15 Style 1131

I think Goodman used to make Williamson furnaces, if so then I think Aug.'65 is correct.

Williamson was made by the Williamson Furnace Co, Norwood, Ohio–about 6 miles from my home. Went out of business in the mid 70’s, I think.

They all looked alike, and I worked on them for years.

At least 35 years old…(not me–your furnace).

Somebody bought the Williamson name and changed the style in the later 70’s–may well have been Goodman. That Model No. goes back to the 60’s, though, according to my old documents. (Don’t ask me why I still have them.)


Purchased by Hupp Industries which went bankrupt in 1991. Williamson name was purchased by Metzger Machine (Milwaukee Thermoflo) and used on furnace line. Late 1999, purchased by United Dominion (Weil-McLain’s parent)

Boy! They sure do get around don’t they? Sort of like a utility baseball player–traded every year.

Is it OK for that furnace to be installed sideways like that?:wink:

Ser # 6523071

June 5, 1923? :margarit: