Wilson K Factor Six One Tour 90 Tennis Racquets 2x and Case $250

Wilson K Factor Six One Tour 90

These are two-used Wilson K Factor Six One Tour 90 Strung request. One is strung with synthetic and poly for more spin and the other is strung with Poly for more power. They are both in good shape. I am including a blue Wilson Tennis bag. You can find a single used one for about $150 on the web. I am asking $250 for both racquets, bag and extra over grip. This is a great set if you are an advanced tennis player to an intermediate tennis player. For an InterNACHI Member or InspectorPage Member I will take $50 Off to drop the price to $200.


What’s the difference between winning and losing? Wilson boils it down to one word: [k]ontrol. The Wilson [K] Factor Six.One Tour racquet is made using [k]arophite black nanotechnology, a proprietary next-generation structure that results in better feel and a stronger, more stable performance. As a result, it’s easier than ever for players to shape their shots and hit the corners with accuracy. And control is a crucial tool, as players who had the fewest unforced errors have won a combined 74 percent of the most recent Grand Slam tournaments. In fact, the [K] Factor Six.One Tour is so precise that it’s the favorite of Roger Federer. Recommendations don’t come any better than that.
The [K] Factor Six.One Tour also comes around a bit quicker than other racquets, creating more pace and penetration on ground strokes. And the racquet offers plenty of control and hop during serves.
• Si: 6 (fast and long)
• Head size: 90 square inches
• Length: 27 inches
• Weight: 12 ounces (unstrung), 12.5 ounces (strung)
• Balance: 12 points HL (unstrung), 9 points HL (strung)
• Grip size: 4-1/4 to 4-5/8
• Composition: 80 percent karophite black, 20 percent Kevlar
• Cross section: 17.0 mm Flat Beam, tip, shoulder, and handle
• Rec. string: Champion’s Choice
• Rec. grip: Leather
• Bumper and grommets: G7861
• Stringing recommendations: 16 x 19 pattern, 50- to 60-pound tension
About Wilson Chicago-based Wilson Team Sports Company, a division of Amer Sports, is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of sports equipment. The company designs, manufactures and distributes advanced equipment that helps players improve performance. Wilson’s core categories include football, basketball, baseball, softball, bats, volleyball, soccer, youth sports, uniforms/apparel, golf, footwear, and racquet sports.

Product Description
Wilson K Factor KSixOne Tour 90 Tennis RacquetThe great weapon of choice The K Factor KSixOne Tour is one of the most traditional feeling racquets on the market Just like its cousin the Pro Staff 60 from the KSixOne Tour has a small head size and a heavy weight offering superb amount of control With Wilsons Karophite Black technology in the entire frame players will experience more feel with more stability from this racquet Also the innovative Kompact Center is designed to improve maneuverability and handling making this racquet very enjoyable to play with However this frame is not for the faint of heart or stroke players who use this racquet must have long and fast strokes and good technique to see any benefit from using this frameThe KSixOne Tour has a 90 square inch headsize 125 ounce strung weight and low power level all imply that this racquet is most suitable for players who are really looking to generate a majority of their power and spin A very conventionallydesigned racquet the KSixOne Tour has become a necessity in the arsenal of several players today Our team found that its overall maneuverability and court responsiveness was superior to that of its predecessor the nCode SixOne Tour We suggest that this racquet is best utilized by NTRP 45 to 70 rated players Take the Wilson K Factor KSixOne Tour 90 for a test drive todayFor more information on or please see the Note A cove

Hi, what are the grip sizes?